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Time to accelerate innovation with data

How to extract benefits from all your data from connected devices to legacy systems.

Johan Torstensson / April 26, 2021

The world is on the way to dizzying new heights. But with constantly more to do and monitor, it is hard to keep innovating, especially if your IT suffocates under its day-to-day burden.

Operations can easily become siloed in a multi-cloud environment, which means talent and brainpower are trapped in confined spaces instead of benefiting your whole organization.

You need two things to change this inefficient chaos into an opportunity:

  • Bring together all data, from connected devices to legacy systems.
  • Integrate silos, which is possible when everything works on the same platform.

Make all your data useful

The trick is to connect everything from connected devices through Edge computing and cloud to legacy systems on a scalable, stable, and inherently secure platform.

By doing so, built-in security tames exploding threats, providing strong resiliency and reliability to ensure the safety of your business even during digital transformation. This means new and existing data is secured and compliant – and that you have time and energy to focus on growth.

Blow up silos

Connecting enterprise data with digital business data will give you new insights. Hidden data becomes visible and actionable. People, ideas and technology accelerate innovation.

Your existing data that lives in old legacy systems can be gathered and combined with the continuous flow of data and ideas from connected devices and other digital touchpoints. New data from new sources will be part of the cloud environment by design.

Useful applications break free from the confines of limited scopes of usage, delivering benefits to the whole organization wherever applicable.

When ideas and know-how flow freely inside your organization and across its internal borders, you can integrate talent, ideas and technological excellence to create new insights and innovation.

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Hyperconnecting means accelerating everything

On such a platform, you can keep adding new data sources. The more data you have, the easier it becomes to extract predictive patterns to guide you towards the future.

The platform lets you scale your cloud computing and analytics power to exactly meet your need to process and refine the data you collect.

This also allows you to build and use any number of applications that help you reach your overall business goals.

With hyperconnectivity, the talent you have inside and outside of your organization no longer tinkers in their own corners. Their brainpower is available for the whole organization.
Once you have all this, there will be nothing preventing you from speeding towards a successful future.

Discover how Ilmarinen has taken use of their data by watching the video below. 

In my previous blog post, you can learn how to catapult your operation to new heights by creating as many connections as possible between data, people, ideas, partners, customers and ecosystems.

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Connecting you with the best solutions, people and ideas

To tackle complexity and break your silos, you need a reliable technology partner. A full-scale service integrator with ingenious solutions all the way from connected devices to multi-cloud and mainframe solutions for a holistic and integrated service. And as all human-built systems invariably fail at some point, you need to be assured of robust recovery competencies that help keep your business going 24/7, whatever happens.

It also helps if your partner has a Nordic presence. You can tap into a pool of advisors and experts who are familiar with your local operations and your markets and have in-depth industry knowledge for co-creative value building.

Flexible delivery models and data locations give you the choice of using local, EU or global expertise to meet your market expectations. Your data can be flexibly stored at any location to meet your demands and the regulations you must follow.

Of course, it is even better if your partner has a strong ecosystem, complementing its internal competencies with the right skills and attitudes outside of its organization. Such an extensive ecosystem means people with great brains and good hearts – and the latest technologies to serve your needs.

Watch how Stora Enso has used innovation as a mindset to secure new revenue.

Hyperconnect and become a leader others look up to

If you play your cards right, you can stay strong in competition while generating new revenue. You will be the innovator disrupting the status quo powered by huge volumes of data to your advantage. You will become the leader in your industry, leaving the competition in the dust.

Watch the recording from our live event on 16 March 2021!

Johan Torstensson
Tietoevry alumni

Johan has extensive experience in delivering digital transformation projects to customers but also from his many years as former CIO for large global companies. Johan is a skilled IT strategist who understands the Nordic market.

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