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Live cast: Time to draw the route to insight and innovation

And why you should hyperconnect data, applications, and people

16.3.2021, Online
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Let’s set the scene; Gartner expects overall data growth to have risen 530 % between 2018 and 2025, more organizations are turning towards software-driven business models, and over 500 million new digital apps and services are predicted to be added by 2023. How do you connect the dots of data and applications with people?

Join us on March 16th, 10:00 – 11:30 CET, for a live-streamed discussion together with Johan Torstensson, Head of Cloud & Infra at TietoEVRY, and customers from various industries, who have utilized hyperconnected data and talent to increase customer experience and explore new opportunities.

Find our interesting guest speakers and companies below.

With Beata Wickbom moderating the event, we’ll do a deep dive into how you (yep, specifically you) can draw the route to insight and innovation for your organization in 2021. Sign up now!

This live event is for you if you are interested in: 

  • Exploring new business opportunities
  • How to stay competitive
  • How to future-proof your organization 
  • How to utilize your resources in the best way 
  • Why you need to break the silos 
  • The future role of the CIO 
  • How to be cost-efficient by scaling cloud  
  • How new technology can support your sustainability plan 


10.00: Broadcast starts.

10.00: Johan Torstensson & Beata Wickbom.

10.10: Innovation as a Mindset to secure new revenue streams, Teemu Salmi, Stora Enso.

The market for newspapers went down from 80% to 18% of revenue over 20 years. We will discuss, with Teemu, about Stora Ensos DigiFund that engage all their 24000 employees in the innovation process and how they found new ways to develop renewable package material from fiber rather than plastic, and even batteries from wood, not only helping revenue streams stay healthy, but also the environment.

10.30: Quality of Life enabled by data, Cristina Petrescu, Sodexo.

Is it possible to improve business processes and increase customer experiences at the same time as you decrease the number of resources, human errors and simplify the day-to-day work? And yet reduce cost. We will discuss, with Cristina Petrescu, how Sodexo took a leap into digitalization transformation and what that can for the end-user.

10.45: Hackathon as a tool for increased customer experience, Alexander Haneng, Posten Norge.

Posten Norge AS went from being a 200-year-old traditional waterfall organization to utilizing Hackathons to quickly adapt to new market situations. We will discuss the impact of this change with Alexander Haneng, e.g how Posten Norge has increased customer experience and developed a new innovation culture.

11.05: Traditional business, strict regulations and new technology - a possible combination?  Mikko Lanta, Ilmarinen.

Ilmarinen have set challenging goals; to be one of Finland’s best places to work, offer the best customer experience in the sector and grow profitably. Our discussion with Mikko Lantto will deep dive into why they moved 70% of their workload into public cloud to achieve their goals, how they look at partnerships and how moving over from the backseat to the driver’s seat have helped them on their road trip to a new destination.

11.30 Broadcast ends.

Guest speakers

Teemu Salmi
CIO, Head of IT & Digitalization, Stora Enso
As CIO and Head of IT & Digitalisation in Stora Enso, Teemu is responsible for the Group strategy and execution of all IT services as well as the strategy for Group Digitalisation.  Teemu has more than 18 years of senior and executive leadership experience in a variety of industries.
Cristina Petrescu
CEO, Sodexo Healthcare Seniors & Education Sweden
Cristina has an extensive expertise in digital transformation and business development within healthcare, welfare, education and energy utilities. Currently she is leading the implementation of new services, solutions and ways of working at Sodexo.
Alexander Haneng
SVP, Digital Innovation at Posten Norway and Bring
Alexander Haneng is an expert in Innovation and Digital Strategy. He currently holds the position of Senior Vice President Digital Innovation at Norway Post and Bring, a Nordic logistics company with annual revenue of over US$ 2.5 billion and 15,000 employees.
Mikko Lantto
EVP, Technology and Development, Ilmarinen
Mikko is leading the innovation and strategic development at Ilmarinen, Finland’s largest private earnings-related pension insurance company. His goal is to execute digitalization by implementing technology modernization. Ilmarinen has recently transformed 70% (!) of their workload into public cloud


Beata Wickbom
Moderator and founder of HejDigital!
Johan Torstensson
Head of Cloud & Infra, TietoEVRY
Johan has extensive experience in delivering digital transformation projects to customers, as well as from his many years as a former CIO for large global companies. Johan is a skilled IT strategist with a good understanding of the Nordic markets.

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