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Time to take advantage of hyperconnectivity - begin your journey to insights and innovation today.

Why hyperconnecting data, applications and talent is more crucial than ever.

Johan Torstensson / March 25, 2021
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With more and more sensors embedded in our living and working environments, the number of data sources is increasing exponentially. This is also reflected in the rapidly expanding volumes of data these devices transmit and the speed at which they make data available. The number of applications is growing as well. Hyperconnecting data, applications and talent is more crucial now than ever.

Hyperconnectivity means new ways of exploiting the ongoing data explosion – connecting enterprise data with digital business data for fresh insights and with people to create new ideas. It also makes hidden data visible and actionable. The goal is to accelerate innovation and success with the help of the best people and the newest technologies.

Analysts are predicting mind-boggling data explosion numbers: 
The total amount of data is projected to grow by 530% from 2018 to 2025. Similarly, the amount of data generated by connected devices is predicted to increase by 400% from 2019 to 2025. Already next year over 50% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside data centres and cloud infrastructure, and by 2023, there will be more than 500 million new digital apps and services. 

Hyperconnectivity puts you ahead of the game 

Organizations that manage to harness this unprecedented data explosion will become the new industry leaders. They will be able to make more accurate decisions based on real-time information, to establish a foundation for the innovation and creation of new services and business models and to find new opportunities even beyond their traditional industry or realm. 

This is already happening. Many industries are providing data-driven services we could only dream about just a few years ago.

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Whatever your organization, you can make data-based innovations work for your success. When you create as many connections as possible between data, people, partner companies, and wider ecosystems, you can reach unprecedented, unforeseen insights that lead to innovation and thus catapult your operations to new heights. When ideas and data collide, anything is possible. 
On the way to dizzying new heights, however, dangers lurk. Current business is constantly challenged by a more uncertain world. 

New competition often comes from unexpected directions. You need to keep creating novel, exciting and appealing customer experiences and new revenue streams in an environment characterized by shorter production runs and constant change. 
The deluge of actionable data from more and new sources empowers you to make the most of your situation. But it is hard to keep innovating if your IT suffocates under an increased day-to-day burden.

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Challenge: Complexity consumes time and energy 

Unfortunately, when data and opportunities grow, system complexity and risks also grow. As complexity increases, it becomes more difficult to maintain security, compliance and privacy. 

With more potential points of failure, system stability and availability are in danger. Ad-hoc solutions create an IT landscape that forces you to run around putting out fires most of the time.

It is easy to end up creating silos, especially in a multi-cloud environment. In silos, data is used only to resolve issues within a limited scope. Similarly, applications are created or bought to resolve individual issues, and talent and brainpower are trapped in confined spaces without offering broader advantages to the rest of the organization. 
The result of complexity is too often decreased efficiency in the overall operation, reduced employee engagement and a less productive organizational culture.

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Solution: There is a path from chaos to success

More data allows you to find new patterns, trends, ideas and opportunities to speed up innovation, develop new services and generate revenue. Without complications to distract you or slow you down, you can move straight from a data explosion to an opportunities explosion.

What if you could hyperconnect your organization? What if you could create an unlimited number of connections between an unlimited number of sources at unlimited speed? When you do this on a secure, stable and scalable platform, you can manage all the chaos and free up time for innovation.

Livecast on hyperconnectivity

Watch our livecast, Time to draw the route to insight and innovation, to hear why and how big organizations such as Stora Enso, Norway’s Postal Service and Finland’s largest pension insurer Ilmarinen have started to hyperconnect data, applications and people. 

Watch the recording from our live event on 16 March 2021!

Johan Torstensson
Tietoevry alumni

Johan has extensive experience in delivering digital transformation projects to customers but also from his many years as former CIO for large global companies. Johan is a skilled IT strategist who understands the Nordic market.

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