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Microsoft Azure trainings benefit both our professionals and customers

See how we continuously undertake digital upskilling to support our customers’ cloud transformations and are building the largest MS Azure community in the Nordics.

Christian Pedersen / December 18, 2020

Because we work with constantly changing technology and customers expect us to be updated on the newest and best, learning is not a choice – it’s a necessity. TietoEVRY’s focus on continuous learning throughout careers attracts talents and new customers, which enables us to work towards a more digital and sustainable world.

The World Economic Forum states that active learning is one of the top 10 job skills of tomorrow. The Azure training program is an important factor in our learning strategy to better discuss and execute cloud transformation with our customers.

The fresh IDC Nordic Cloud Survey 2020 has revealed that multi-cloud solutions have become the standard digital backbone of Nordic businesses. Most Nordic companies are now using multi-cloud solutions as an organizational strategy or architectural approach for their digital transformation programs. 

Our experience over years of customer engagement shows that cloud solutions allow organizations to increase their business agility with up to 70% faster time to market, to reduce total cost of operations by up to 40% over time, and to reach superior levels of operational resiliency and security.  

But at the same time, the survey showed that a lack of resources and expertise are among the top three challenges hampering cloud adoption. Indeed, around one third of companies named these as challenges in executing cloud transformation. This is a serious issueas one of the major benefits of cloud transformation for organizations comes not specifically from the technology but from the broader cloud operation model, which combines technology, processes and competencies.

At TietoEVRY, we have invested strategic effort into developing our cloud capabilities for a long timeThis work was very recently recognized by the ISG Provider Lens™ Public Cloud study that positioned TietoEVRY as a Nordic Leader. We were quite gratified to be acknowledged as an “instrumental technology and next-generation IT service provider with its robust cloud portfolio and niche talent availability in the Nordics

The study also notes that “TietoEVRY’s public cloud managed services, with demonstrated transformation capabilities, help clients to accelerate digital transformation journey”.

Let’s take a look at how we at TietoEVRY continuously undertake digital upskilling to support our customers cloud transformation 

Building the largest Azure professional network in the Nordics 

In early 2020, we launched a development program together with our strategic partner Microsoft to certify 3 000 Microsoft Azure professionals at TietoEVRYOur ambition is to create the largest Azure community in the NordicsAnd the training has already had substantial benefits.

Our customers of course demand that we have the competencies to solve the challenges they face. To understand customers and ultimately fulfil their needs, the right components, skills and expertise must be brought into the dialogue with the customer.

With almost 3 000 experts trained in all-things Azure, we have the latest knowledge at the disposal of our customers. This also means having experts with very deep and vast competence area expertise in solving our customers’ very complex challenges. But this training is also relevant to our commitment to being an attractive employer.  

People want to work where they can learn and be challenged and supported in their continuous journey of professional developmentAnd this is confirmed by the very positive feedback we have received from our colleagues all across the Nordics.

Continuous learning is a cornerstone of our culture 

The Azure training is one concrete example of how we help our employees to build on their skills, develop new ones and also drive more and more relevant discussions with our customers. For example, one of our Nordic colleagues noted that the training has enhanced her competence, which has in turn empowered her to take on a leading role in transforming our customers operations for the cloud. 

MS Azure trainings are meant for all, from sales to technical experts and leadership to project managers. Upskilling helps to understand the bigger picture, not just one project or delivery at a time, and it also creates wider benefit for our customers and us as a company.

ATietoEVRY, learning never stops. MS Azure trainings and associated certifications are highly valuable to our current people as well as future talents. See how we together with our strategic partner Microsoft drive digital transformation by increasing cloud competencies and helping organizations to develop their operations and business with cloud solutions.  

At TietoEVRY, learning never stops. Check our open positions, and join us! 

Christian Pedersen
Managing Director, Tietoevry Create

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