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Can technology advance sustainability?

IT solutions and innovative digital platforms can help in mitigating climate change and support companies managing their sustainability work.

Ida Bohman Steenberg / July 12, 2019

We can all agree that doing business in a sustainable way is more important for companies across all sectors. But it’s easier said than done. Operating sustainably means that companies are increasingly reorganizing their operations and business models to meet stakeholders’ expectations on sustainable performance. Luckily technology can be part of the solution to that equation.

From a sustainability perspective, companies today are defined by expectations. At a minimum, companies are expected to do no harm to people and planet and at best to add value for stakeholders and create a positive impact through sustainable operations. The expectations from investors, consumers, governments and capital markets are increasing at a fast pace. The response from companies range from tweaking existing operations to completely renewing the way they do business.

A recent survey by McKinsey & Company reveals that the ICT sector plays an important role in supporting companies on a sustainable journey. IT systems and innovative digital platforms are becoming a primary tool used by companies to manage their sustainability objectives. How has ICT already helped companies improving their sustainability performance?  Keep reading to find out!

The market demands sustainable solutions - we deliver

When the expectation on businesses to mitigate climate change increases, the demand for solutions to do so increases as well. Luckily, embarking on a digital journey can give companies the tools and systems needed to ensure that their business models are able to respond to these pressures. In 2015 GeSi, the Global eSustainability Initiative, published research which estimated that emissions avoided through the use of ICT are nearly ten times greater than the emissions generated by deploying it. At Tieto we have examples of how our solutions enable and contribute to reduced emissions, see more in the picture! 

Solutions and climate change

Making the digital journey sustainable

As in all our business, we want to understand our customers challenges and be a part of the solution. This applies to sustainability as well. Let's think about an organization with ambitious goals of mitigating it's climate impact is looking for a partner to digitalise their invoicing system. We can deliver that. From a sustainability perspective, our e-invoicing services help customers avoid CO2 emissions by the environmental efficiency of the system as compared to a traditional invoicing system as found out in our independent impact study. The main difference comes from decreased amount of work, as well as elimination of transportation and use of paper. To sum up – we help our customers to have a smooth digital journey and support them in minimizing their environmental footprint.

Find out more about how our solutions can support you and your business in creating economic value, as well as value for people and planet.

Ida Bohman Steenberg
Head of Sustainability

Ida is very passionate about sustainable development and has been working with that her whole working life. She started out in asset management and then Management consulting at EY for many years, sustainable supply chain at Vattenfall and Global Head of Sustainability at Tieto. On the side she has had several engagements in the non-profit world and academia.


Ida Bohman Steenberg

Head of Sustainability

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