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A ‘we can do it’ mindset and small steps – navigating transformation in the insurance industry in a new way

Sameer Datye from Tietoevry Banking and Jesper Strömqvist from Lfant talk how an established insurance company can transform its business. We picked their ideas from the ITC DIA Europe interview.

Sameer Datye / April 18, 2024

There is mounting pressure on established insurers to address changing societal needs, and digitalization is seen to meet these challenges.

Jesper Strömqvist, CEO of Swedish innovation company LFant, refers to an illustrative example with Sejfa, a new insurance brand backed by selected Länsförsäkringar insurance companies and powered by Tietoevry’s Insurance-in-a-Box platform. It is 100% flexible and can cater to all business needs.

The key to successful insurance services is to develop them together with the users.

“Sejfa is fully digital home insurance, very focused on creating a magical user experience, especially for young adults. It is developed together with the users to optimize offers, create trust, be relevant to the users’ needs and ultimately create the best user experience possible,” Strömqvist highlights.

Small steps instead of colossal transformation

Also, gone are the days of colossal multi-million-euro transformation projects. Sameer Datye, who leads the Insurance and Wealth Solutions at Tietoevry Banking, talks about agility.

“At Tietoevry, we have a focus on helping our customers go through the transformation process with small and easy steps, which allows easy innovation and helps accelerate the process,” highlights Datye.

This approach also allows for swift adjustments if needed.

Cherishing a “we can do it” mindset

Strömqvist adds compliance and the importance of mindset to the list. Changing the mindset is fundamental for the transformation to proceed.

“It is about making people understand that transformation is possible and that it will take a very big effort, but at the end of the day, it also means that we are not sitting around watching someone else doing it. We are doing it ourselves.”

Read the original article

This text in based on “A full-service insurance platform, fresh out of the box” article written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks, Founders of the The DIA Community. It was published in January 2023 on ITC DIA Europe’s website.

In the article, Sameer Datye, responsible for Insurance and Wealth Solutions at Tietoevry and Jesper Strömqvist, CEO of Swedish innovation company Lfant, cover industry trends and challenges, digitalization and transformation, ecosystem partnerships, Tietoevry’s insurance-in-a-box and new insurance brand Sejfa.

Want to hear more about our Insurance-in-a-box toolkit? Sameer is happy to have a chat with you! 

Sameer Datye
Head, Insurance & Wealth Solutions

Sameer is responsible for insurance and wealth solutions. He actively promotes open ecosystem thinking that powers our WealthMapper and Insurance-in-a-Box platforms. At TietoEVRY, he has a long experience of working within the Healthcare, Insurance and Wealth domains. Prior to this, he worked as a product manager and a brand manager in the food, processing and packaging industry. He is passionate about translating technology innovations to business reality leading to better quality of human life.

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