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Life as a Topic Owner at Tieto

My path towards living machines, and the key role played by my work at Tieto.

Arnold Präsent / June 18, 2019

Five years ago, I switched from the production process industry to IT. See below, to find out what motivates and drives me as the Topic Owner of Data Driven Business at Tieto Austria. Have fun!

I am the Topic Owner of Data Driven Business at Tieto Austria, being responsible – together with a wonderful team of experts – for developing solutions for our clients. The goal is to serve clients with added value and new digital services. At Tieto, I can realise my vision of doing much more with data than simply visualising it – through concrete measures, thereby fulfilling a long-cherished dream.

A long time ago, as a child, I realised that I had a passion for mechanical systems and technical solutions. Before long, I was working on my vision of deriving real benefits from data, by using the right data together with sophisticated logic. My idea was that data could simplify a range of decisions, and even predict events. I asked myself: what is the prospect of bringing machines or systems to life?

Today, we refer to artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, analytics, mathematical models and neural networks. At Tieto, we have placed all this under the headings digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and Data Driven Business.

Taking the plunge

My degrees in mechanical engineering and international industrial management were my first steps towards realising my dream. Professionally, I gained experience in process optimisation and data analysis through mathematical models for mapping processes, and learned how to create functional descriptions of machines.

Around five years ago, I came to Tieto Austria, taking the plunge as a lateral entrant in the IT world, and learned a huge amount about this industry. Through my work at Tieto, I actually began to give machines a 'brain': they can remember their activities and thus learn what to do in the future.

My Tieto story

I was fortunate to be able to evolve with Tieto in the fields of analytics and data science. Tieto enabled me to learn much in the field of Data Driven Business, to which I could contribute my skills and experience. I was entrusted with creating the field of Data Driven Business in Austria.

For me, this is not a matter of course, but reflects Tieto's corporate values: trusting in employees by providing them with autonomy and a basis for flourishing and mastering their area. I am convinced that this would not have been possible with any other IT company. I am very grateful for this!

But back to my question of how machines and systems come to life. The answer: artificial intelligence, data-driven analysis, optimisations and advanced algorithms that provide machines with a 'brain' and 'consciousness'. On the basis of these, machines can understand the consequences and results of their actions and decisions. They know how to proceed towards concrete goals in the future. This happens on a level of complexity that can only be mastered by a few people, if at all.

New approaches based on intelligent digitalisation

At Tieto, innovation is not limited to machines, but to data-driven business solutions in different areas, areas where we help machines, organisation and society to keep up. Alongside the rapidly changing world of digitalisation, we are mastering complexity and facilitating work through new, technical capabilities.

In my view, my mission involves striking out in new directions in my role as Topic Owner of Data Driven Business and preparing customers for the future. I am motivated by being a valuable and trustworthy partner for our clients, and working together with them. I am driven by seeing how smart solutions and partnerships based on trust make a truly positive impact for our clients – this is what makes me fully committed to the job. Tieto provides me with the perfect conditions for this.

Fulfilling a dream

At Tieto, we are well on our way to improving more than just everyday life. Machines becoming sophisticated enough – and systems and solutions mature enough – to make life better and easier represents a huge step forward. We are in the process of doing things we could not have dreamed of just 50 years ago. I can sum this up by affirming that my childhood dream is approaching fulfilment.

If you want to get involved or are interested in the projects I and my team are working on in the area of Data Driven Business, contact me and let's talk about it. One thing is clear: the human component will always play the key role in the digital present and future. Just as in Life at Tieto.

Arnold Präsent
Topic Owner Data Driven Business

Arnold is the Topic Owner of Data Driven Business at Tieto Austria, being responsible for developing solutions for our clients, together with a great team of experts. The goal is to serve clients with added value and new digital services. 



Arnold Präsent

Topic Owner Data Driven Business

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