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All you need is trust, or, the one thing you need to know about cybersecurity in 2018

All you need is trust, or, the one thing you need to know about cybersecurity in 2018.

Markus Melin / January 09, 2018

All you need is trust, or, the one thing you need to know about cybersecurity in 2018.

With the new year still in its diapers, it is time to do some scrying to see the top cybersecurity trends we expect to be high on the agenda this year.

Perhaps contrary to popular beliefs among organization decision makers less familiar with technology, cybersecurity is not a solely technical thing. Cybersecurity is about the alignment of technology, processes and people. This means that cybersecurity predictions for this year are about and for all of us.

Furthermore, there seems to be one that emerges the highest – being, in my opinion, the best thing since sliced bread. Read on!

The role of threat intelligence will explode. Organizations have an increasing need to have real time information and understanding of threats aimed specifically at them or their industry. What is also needed is the ability to prepare for changes in threat levels in advance.

Large scale breaches become mainstream. Cyber crime is becoming even more professional. Eg. cybercrime as a service is evolving. Especially ransomware attacks, being the easiest method of monetization for cyber criminals, will be a major issue. Other further instances of self-propagating malware can be expected this year.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence require fresh security methods. The technologies and targets monitored are becoming increasingly complex. Thus the detection of attacks becomes even more so. Finding needles in haystacks requires new methods for attack detection.

The evolution of cloud usage demands evolution in cloud security. Cloudification of organizations' IT environments will continue. It is critical to ensure that cloudification is implemented by including cybersecurity as a core component from the very beginning.
GDPR compliance; Leaders keepers, losers weepers. Coming into force in May, only top notch organizations will be ready for GDPR. The leaders will reap benefits. Others will be left behind. Some will remain behind intentionally, hoping to remain unnoticed but taking the risk of suffering the consequences.

Security resourcing challenges pave opportunities for services. Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly complex and it can no longer be a one man - or woman - show. It takes a broad spectrum of expertise to uncover and resolve cybersecurity preparedness and issues, and threats. This presents opportunities to security service providers and outsourcers.
Last but not least, I see one cybersecurity trend this year will dominate the scene for all:

Trust will become an even bigger value proposition. Trust will become an even more important component in doing business in the omnichannel environment. Customers - and the customers' customers - need to be able to trust an organization to see it as someone they wish to interact with. Security service providers have a major part to play in building and maintaining this trust.
I believe that trust is a cornerstone for any organization and its operations, a thing that cannot be ignored, overlooked or outsourced. The cybersecurity for next year seem to bundle up nicely below the trust topic. We in cybersecurity see that our thing is to help maintain and drive trust that the modern, digitalized economy needs.

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Markus Melin
Tieto alumni
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