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We're making it our business to reinvent the world for good

Tomorrow starts today. At Tietoevry, we create solutions that bring value to everyone.

Moving forward by leaving something better behind

In a rapidly changing world, technology is everything. It's in the fabric of society. In every part of every business. At the very heart of human evolution. It’s a great power that comes with great responsibility.

At Tietoevry, we believe it’s time to shift perspective. It’s not about what technology can do anymore — but what it should. So that the futures of businesses, societies, and humanity can live and thrive. Side by side.

This is why we're making it our business to create purposeful technology that reinvents the world for good.

About us

Tietoevry creates purposeful technology that reinvents the world for good. We are a leading technology company with a strong Nordic heritage and global capabilities. Based on our core values of openness, trust and diversity, we work with our customers to develop digital futures where businesses, societies, and humanity  thrive.

Our 24,000 experts globally specialize in cloud, data, and software, serving thousands of enterprise and public-sector customers in more than 90 countries. Tietoevry’s annual turnover is approximately EUR 3 billion and the company’s shares are listed on the NASDAQ exchange in Helsinki and Stockholm, as well as on Oslo Børs.

Tietoevry at your service

Dear future, we've made our choice

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The power of perspectives

There is a no in technology

We never develop technology just for the sake of it, or because it's the next big thing. We believe that technology should have a purpose that contributes to a better world — both for those who use it and for those who don't.

There is a now in the unknown

Although we're developing technology for the future, we know that there isn't a moment to waste. Tomorrow starts today — and we work relentlessly to consciously create technology with the power to reinvent the world for good.

There is an us in business

Tietoevry is a technology company — but we are powered by people. The human perspective enables us to build businesses through long-term growth, while working consciously to do good for all of us and the world we share together.

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