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Our diversity ambitions

Diversity and inclusion are key elements shaping our culture. Innovation often builds on a variety of perspectives gained from different people with a variety of backgrounds.

Our Nordic heritage and values are built on transparency and openness towards all kinds of differences.

What is the Diversity and Inclusion Charter about?

As a company, we need to reflect on the societies we operate in and the expectations of our stakeholders. Our ambition is to be inclusive for all – majorities and minorities alike. The concrete priorities and commitments of this charter are as follows:

We have specific targets for gender balance and equity

  • Increase the % of underrepresented gender groups in own workforce and top management
  • Strive for a gender split of 49/49 within overall workforce
  • 33% of underrepresented gender of all board positions by 2026
  • 30% of underrepresented gender in leadership positions by 2030
  • 37% recruitment female recruits by 2025
  • Reducing the unexplained male-female wage gap so that global pay equity ratio is <5 % by 2026

We reflect our global markets and industries

  • Tietoevry will ensure as many nationalities and cultures are represented among the employees as possible
  • We support internal mobility across national and business-related structures
  • Talent acquisition will be based on a global talent pool

A good blend of age groups is good for business

  • Continue and accelerate the recruitment of graduate and young professionals
  • Ensure a combination of experience, seniority, subject matter expertise and industry knowledge with updated competence on emerging technologies within our businesses.​​​​​​​

We want to be an inclusive employer

  • Create opportunities for people with disabilities and learning disabilities   
  • Recruit employees from organizations and partners focusing on the integration of refugees and people with disabilities.  

Learn more on Tietoevry's Diversity and Inclusion Charter

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