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Customer Relationship Management

That feeling when it all falls in to place is wonderful. Start unlocking the potential of your customer data and to create meaningful interactions with them.

CRM for better customer experiences

A good CRM should not only store data, but also support you across all customer interactions. CRM helps you remove functional and siloed operations, allowing you to focus on your customers and their experience. At its best, CRM creates the possibility of making future predictions based on customer data.

A full insight into a customer’s history, current status and future – Customer 360 – is valuable to both your customer and your business. Whether you interact with your customer across sales, customer service or marketing, in your office or on-the-go, CRM should give you all the information you need to understand your customers and their potential.

At Tietoevry, we are able to jump in at any stage. Let our highly skilled professionals guide you through the creation of your CRM strategy or optimize your sales, customer service and marketing processes. We can help you design and implement a world-class CRM system and take you through the requirements definition process.

Bård Haaland

Head of Business Apps, Tietoevry Tech Services

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