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BoligPartner accelerates growth with Microsoft Dynamics 365

With Dynamics 365, BoligPartner seeks to streamline its purchasing processes, enhance project management capabilities, and enable them to conduct continual forecasting.

Petter Høistad Aunan

Manager of Dynamics 365, Norway

BoligPartner, Norway's largest housebuilder, selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP to support their future growth objectives. BoligPartner aims to optimize its purchasing processes, enhance project management capabilities, and enable them to conduct continual forecasting.

"Tietoevry helped us with a phased cloud transformation taking our ERP to the cloud," says Arnt Helge Høyem, CFO of BoligPartner.

For the past three decades, BoligPartner has established itself as one of Norway's largest homebuilders. Part of the BP Gruppen Norway AS, BoligPartner is accompanied by Skalahus, Archihus, and Horisont bolig, forming a comprehensive housing chain.

BoligPartner needed to replace its outdated ERP system. The partnership with Tietoevry began already in 2013, with a gradual transformation towards cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics. In 2018, they began using cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and implemented also more comprehensive process management tool.

"We thoroughly mapped the system and supplier offerings for a new ERP system and decided to go with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, provided by Tietoevry. Their comprehension of our needs has been exemplary, and they have presented a solution that we believe will effectively support our business processes and our goals for growth and development. The implementation was completed in November 2022, and we anticipate recouping our investment within four years," says Arnt Helge Høyem

Better control of processes

BoligPartner has faced unique challenges with global deliveries to multiple industries. While record-high lumber prices were previously concerning, they have now been replaced by escalating costs of concrete and steel. To ensure sound control of the purchasing process, BoligPartner has prioritized purchasing most items from Norwegian suppliers, and locally when possible; however, certain components necessitate sourcing from more distant locations.

"Our team is committed to developing a comprehensive strategy to maximize our procurement, project management, and forecasting capabilities. We intend to leverage our data tools to create an efficient, integrated system for ordering and delivery. To ensure that we get the most out of our supplier negotiations, we will focus on extracting data on our most frequent purchases. Through this, we hope to optimize our purchasing process and maintain a competitive advantage," says Arnt Helge Høyem.

Better forecasting

The new cloud-based solution will streamline the customer experience from initial contact to a one-year inspection after the house has been delivered. Data flows seamlessly between D365 F&O and Customer Engagement and is presented via Power BI. All aspects of the process, from quoting and designing to delivery, are managed within the same system.

BoligPartner's quarterly assessment of thousands of projects just got a major upgrade. "With the closer integration between their financial accounts and CRM, data no longer needs to be entered in multiple places. This has enabled automated production calculations, as well as the creation of more efficient forecasts and inventory evaluations—which were previously conducted using separate spreadsheets," Høyem explains.

"We are striving to automate project management to the greatest extent possible. This will make it easier for sellers to gain an overview of housing starts and enable construction managers to better manage projects. With access to data points from various milestones, we are able to produce forecasts per home and for the company as a whole, providing a reliable basis for informed decision-making."


Easier everyday life

The Dynamics 365 platform allows for easy customization of workspaces according to roles. This makes the tool ideal for example for salespeople who can conveniently visit customers and enter various factors to generate estimates. Furthermore, Power BI integration provides access to external sources of data, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.

"Using a cloud-based solution makes the job much easier for all parts of the organization. It provides us with a consistent platform of finance, CRM, Teams, and project management, enabling us to make more informed decisions and deliver the best possible product to our customers while maintaining a profitable business." As Høyem emphasizes, this is invaluable.


Learn more about Tietoevry's Microsoft Dynamics 365 services


This is BoligPartner AS

Industry: Residential construction

Headquarters in Hamar, Norway

Number of employees: approx. 180

Turnover: NOK 1.6 billion

The article was published originally by Microsoft in Norwegian.


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