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Entercard Group AB and Tietoevry: Transformation through collaboration

Entercard has experienced significant digitalisation, cost savings and green deliveries thanks to the partnership with Tietoevry and their proactive approach.

Rune Gjørøy

Sales Manager

Innovative solutions for Entercard customers across the Nordics

- Entercard and Tietoevry's successful collaboration means that we continuously develop, and together create the market's best digital hub and multichannel service, says Line J. Hegge, Head of Card and Statement Operations at Entercard.

Entercard has experienced significant digitalisation, cost savings and green deliveries thanks to the partnership with Tietoevry and their proactive approach. With Tietoevry's market-leading Nordic Multichannel solution, Entercard has also achieved an improved customer dialogue with its customers.

Digital and environmentally friendly services

– Entercard works with a focus to deliver digital and environmentally friendly services to its customers. We have a strong collaboration to deliver even better solutions for Entercard's customers throughout the Nordics, says Rune Gjørøy, Sales Manager at Tietoevry.

Furthermore, Gjørøy points out that during the agreement period we have delivered several exciting projects in the Nordics:

  • eFaktura 2.0 was launched in Norway, which significantly increased digitalisation and made invoice distribution more efficient. This resulted in simpler and more efficient invoice management for Entercard's customers
  • Enrollment Manager has been introduced in Sweden, so that customer service can easily register customers for eFaktura by phone
  • Tietoevry's e-Faktura onboarding solution, via QR-codes on the invoice in Sweden, has significantly increased the number of customers who use e-Faktura. This has resulted in significantly lower distribution costs and a smoother transition to digital invoice solutions
  • Implementation of QR-codes with the possibility of Swish payment on payment reminders in Sweden provides a good customer experience, and makes it easy for the customer to pay
  • We have also worked with postage optimization for mailings that have not yet been digitized. In the collaboration, we develop new solutions and optimize the distribution of postal documents to achieve the most cost-effective distribution possible
  • Entercard has a strong focus on quality and control in the invoice process In collaboration with Tietoevry we have built and implemented a very effective tool for previewing and approving invoices before distribution.

– Our goal is to continue to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for Entercard and their customers throughout the Nordics. We are dedicated to supporting Entercard in its ambition to be a leading player in digital financing and environmentally friendly services, says Gjørøy.

Optimization of document distribution and growth potential for Entercard

– Tietoevry helps Entercard to continuously streamline document distribution for the company's financial products and services in all countries. Through the collaboration, Tietoevry has delivered multichannel services as a unified Nordic solution for Entercard. This has made it possible for Entercard to expand into new markets and increase the volume of Tietoevry's Multichannel platform, while achieving success with customer dialogue in a unified way, says Entercard's Hegge.

During the period 2022-23, Tietoevry and Entercard have established a distribution platform for the Multichannel service in Finland. There are many exciting projects that we are looking at together in the future, including the possibility of using several of Tietoevry's services, such as, for example, Live Invoice. Live Invoice contributes to improving the dialogue with customers, offering better payment solutions and reducing customer loss.

Tietoevry supports Entercard in optimizing the eFaktura service and reducing costs. By partnering with a supplier for the eFaktura service, Entercard achieves better management and insight, lower costs and a more seamless administration and follow-up of the service.

Read more about Entercard here.

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