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Versowood digitalises business information exchange processes with E-invoicing and data transfer

'Tieto’s business information exchange (BIX) services are making our business processes smoother and secure.'

Tietoevry at your service

A Finnish timber company Versowood wanted to harmonise its business processes.

Tieto provided Versowood BIX services. E-invoicing connects business partners together with several transport options and converts invoice formats to match the receiver’s capabilities. E-trade enables business-critical messages to be delivered to interest groups.

Various business information solutions are expensive

Versowood and Tieto began cooperation when Versowood bought Hankasalmi sawmill. The business information exchanges from previous owner had to be moved to Versowood in a tight schedule.

However, Versowood had various solutions regarding business processes like invoice delivery. Invoices came from different systems in different information formats. It was expensive to provide invoices to customers in digital formats supported by their systems.

“One reason to select Tieto was future perspective. We thought their other services that could be of good value to us,” says Perämäki.

BIX services automate and rationalise information flows

Tieto took over Versowood’s business integration and BIX services. At first this applies to e-invoicing and e-trade so that Versowood has one operator through which all invoices and business messages move.

“BIX services automate and rationalise information flows from purchase to sales, invoicing, payment, logistics and official notifications. Those enable cost reductions, improved information quality, faster process execution, more efficient cash management and decreased carbon footprint,” says Sales Manager Petra Juusela from Tieto.

Similar E-invoices through different distribution channels

Tieto shares Versowood’s e-invoices to their customers in the format they want. To make invoicing secure, Versowood gets notifications when the invoice has been sent and received, or if it has not reached the customer. The e-invoicing service includes also printing and mailing.

“Versowood doesn't have to worry about the format their customers want their invoices in. E-invoicing makes sure all Versowood’s invoices have the same look and feel – despite the distribution channel,” Juusela tells.

Tieto’s BIX services are the first step of improving business efficiency. In the future, it’s also possible that Tieto’s forest business will help Versowood with the management of log fields and wood procurement.

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