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PPS Step 2 – Advanced project management

Do you have complex challenges in your project?
Do you need more advanced planning methods?
Do you need to coordinate different production models?

Step 2 covers many areas and is a mixture or exercises and theory. The course is an add-on to Step 1 and we dig deeper into many of the competencies we addressed in that course, and we also add new areas. We look into how to adjust our project to different productions models – for instance agile – and how to find the most effective strategy to deliver the project result to maximize the contribution to the expected benefit. We also discuss how to best support an ongoing business deal. We discuss how the balance in the organization between line and project impacts our abilities to lead and manage the project. We dig deeper into tools like WBS and milestones, we learn about requirement management, estimations and earned value and how to estimate a correct risk reserve.

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After the course you will have:

  • an overall view of the project’s role and relations
  • an understanding for how the orderer, steering group and business deal may impact the prerequisites of the project
  • insight into, and knowledge about the tools and methods for managing more complex projects
  • useful tools for planning and managing production in the project

Target group
Experienced project manages or project managers for complex projects.

PPS Step 1 or similar

You will go through the skills, mixed with group assignments, discussions and experience-sharing

Duration of the course
Three days

| Projects and programmes | Overview PPS – Project management | Decision points | Model for project management | Model for orderer | Model for steering group | Model for portfolio management | Model for programme management | Business benefit management | Business and projects | Distributed projects | Sub-projects | Project hierarchy | Requirement management | Project or base organisation | Resource supply | Resource planning | Project analysis | Mile stones | Risk management, in-depth | Production models | Strategy for production | Projects and Agile |


IPMA Registrerad

PPS is an approved education provider (PMI R.E.P. Registered Education Provider). As an approved provider we have met and passed PMI’s quality requirements regarding content, the teachers’ skills and abilities and the pedagogical set-up. 


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