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Tietoevry joins the European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud to shape the digital future

29 November 2022

Tietoevry has become a member of the European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud which brings together businesses, Member States representatives and relevant experts to drive digital transformation and the technological sovereignty of Europe.

As a member of the European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud, Tietoevry will actively engage in shaping the digital future of Europe, within data, edge and cloud services. The geopolitical environment is more demanding than ever, and the Alliance is a key forum for the technology industry joint effort to strengthen the digital sovereignty of Europe.

– Tietoevry is here for the Nordic society to support and deliver cloud services to Nordic organisations who need a trusted partner to protect their critical data to enhance their digital sovereignty. We are looking forward to working with European companies on this important initiative to shaping the future of the Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud agenda in Europe, says Johan Torstensson, Managing Director, Tietoevry Connect.

Increased European leadership position on industrial data

The Alliance aims to foster the development and deployment of next generation edge and cloud technologies in Europe for Europe. Members of the Alliance is a collection of businesses, Member States representatives and relevant experts.

In addition to strengthening the EU industry's position on cloud and edge technologies, it aims to serve the needs of organisations that process sensitive categories of data and aims to increase Europe's leadership position on industrial data.

– We are happy to be a part of the alliance to shape the next generation of data and cloud services in collaboration with European businesses and experts. We are eager to contribute with our expertise as a Nordic Cloud Service Provider on behalf of our customers and for the Nordic society, says Wenche Karlstad, Head of Digital Sovereignty Initiatives, Tietoevry Connect.

Tietoevry will, together with members of the Alliance contribute to areas like:

  • Prepare and update horizontal and technology-specific investment roadmaps on cloud and edge.
  • Provide recommendations to ensure coherent integration of investments for the deployment of common European data spaces in relevant areas.
  • Advise the Commission on requirements and standards for cloud services, including public procurement.

The Alliance is exclusively open to participation by businesses with a legal representative established in the European Union, with activities of significant relevance to providing highly secure cloud and data processing. Tietoevry is also a member of Gaia-X, a European initiative to create a unified ecosystem of cloud and data services governed by European data laws.

For more information, please contact:

Tietoevry Newsdesk,, +358 40 570 4072

For more information about the Alliance, click here.

For more information about Tietoevry digital sovereignty initiatives and recent insights, visit our Digital Sovereignty page

For more information

Wenche Karlstad

Head of Digital Sovereignty Initiatives

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Digital Sovereignty

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