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Tietoevry's Sustainability game plan 2023: Upgrading tomorrow

We will be sharing stories to pave the way for the official launch, taking place on March 2, through publishing of the integrated financial and sustainability 2020 report!

Kia Haring / February 12, 2021

Welcome to join the step-by-step launch of the Tietoevry's Sustainability game plan 2023!

In the era of radical transparency, our values and views also impact more than ever the ethical framework for companies to operate in; we, be it in the role of a consumer, citizen or employee, define what is accepted and what is not. With the choices we make every day, we influence corporations and even national economies.

We expect companies to be active corporate citizens and take a stand on societal issues – climate and human rights related aspects being currently high on the agenda. The high expectations towards companies are set by all key stakeholders, employees, customers and shareholders. Any unethical behavior will gain attention in no time and harm the reputation and stakeholder trust as we have recently seen with global movements like #metoo and #blacklivesmatter.

Shaping tomorrow together

These realities also set the framework for our operations as TietoEVRY, a public company with Nordic heritage and global operations. As TietoEVRY we are only one-year young, but both former companies, Tieto and EVRY, had a strong focus on sustainability and systematic development of responsible operations. To continue to build trust, create a meaningful workplace and to do our part as a responsible company, we have now created our first TietoEVRY three-year Sustainability game plan “Upgrading tomorrow”. It carries the company’s ambition and commitment for developing our own operations, helping our customers’ to be more sustainable as well as contributing to more sustainable societies.

As to our own operations, the TietoEVRY Sustainability game plan outlines the focus areas and sets clear targets expanding to year 2023. These priorities have been concluded as a result of a wide stakeholder dialogue, involving our employees, customers, investors as well as the great public through an online survey and in-depth interviews.

TietoEVRY Sustainability game plan consist of four key sections: Climate actions, Ethical conduct and Exciting place to work – each of them divided into concrete topics with clear ambitions, ranging from employee engagement to responsible sourcing. On top of this we have outlined actions and services to enable our customers’ sustainability – called sustainable impact areas.

To learn more – please visit our Sustainability pages here.

I am personally extremely proud of the following commitments:

1. Climate actions – our ambitions towards carbon neutrality:

  • We commit to reduce 80% of the energy related greenhouse gas emissions in our operations during 2020-2023.
  • We have also sent our ambitions for an external review – and expect them to be qualified as Science Based Targets (verification ongoing) – this means that we have a clearly-defined path to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement goals.
  • We also commit to re-cycle 100% of the hardware covering our own use as well as devices as service to customers.

2. Diversity & inclusion:

Diversity is Innovation. If someone doesn’t look like you, they don’t think like you – and they can help you think different.” said Duncan Wardle, the former vice president of Innovation at Walt Disney.

At TietoEVRY, we see diversity of people, beyond of sex, gender identification, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation, or age being equally valuable and create a good and inspirational workplace. Embracing every individual creates a culture, where everyone can flourish and reach their full potential. As a concrete target to advance equality – we have set an ambition to reach 40% share of female professionals globally by 2026 – and 50% by 2030 – corresponding to 29% today.

Learn more about our approach to diversity & inclusion here!

3. Sustainable business impact opportunities:

IT solutions and the use of data are in a key role in addressing the biggest global challenges of our time, eg. climate change and resource efficiency. As a company operating in these areas, we have great opportunities to do good for society and help our customers become more sustainable. Some of our recent cases include Vaasa, Trondheim – and there is more to come!

Launching this three-year Sustainability game plan for the company is an important milestone, but yet only the beginning – we need to share the key commitments with our stakeholders’ in a relevant manner and make them an integral part our everyday work. It takes all of us to ensure these ambitions are met and that we do our part – for Upgrading tomorrow!

Stay tuned for our Annual Report on March 2nd!

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Kia Haring
Tietoevry alumni
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