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The municipalities of Norrbotten are collaborating with TietoEVRY and Hydro66 to establish a modern and secure data center solution in Boden, Sweden

12 February 2021

The municipalities in Norrbotten have joined forces to accelerate digital transformation in public services, through a joint committee named Norrbotten's e-committee. Together they have recently completed a procurement exercise for a secure data center solution with associated operating services.

TietoEVRY was appointed in an agreement that initially extends over four years to a value of SEK 30 million. The solution supports the municipalities focus on faster development in ​​digitalization. The new data center solution is located with Hydro66 in Boden and offers the latest technology in digital infrastructure services.

Jörgen Larsson
, representative of Norrbotten's e-committee and IT manager in Boden municipality commented “We are pleased to be able to establish a flexible, expandable, secure, and modern data center solution, together with TietoEVRY and Hydro66. It gives us access to a common technical platform with better opportunities to collaborate between the municipalities in Norrbotten where we can share costs for development, operation, and management. It will strengthen our ambitions within digitalization to realize our visions. In addition, with a geographical location within the region we now have the opportunity to offer even better service to citizens and local businesses.”

In the procurement, emphasis was placed on environmental considerations, high efficiency, and quality, as well as business support for both municipality-specific and general applications. The e-committee also wanted local delivery, which was made possible by a state-of-the-art data center located in Boden and provided by TietoEVRY partner Hydro66, in combination with the infrastructure that TietoEVRY is building for the municipalities.

Crister Lundgren, representative of Norrbotten's e-committee and IT manager in Älvsbyn municipality agrees, "This gives us small-sized municipalities opportunities to use the same modern and secure technology as the large ones.”

TietoEVRY will provide digital infrastructure within a secure and state-of-the-art data center solution that meets the municipalities' requirements for:

  • Access to individual and unlimited capacity of server infrastructure, hardware and services at different levels for each municipality's needs
  • A data center that can be an extended function of current solutions and that can completely or partially replace or supplement existing data center solutions
  • Access to common capacity and platforms for joint municipal operating systems that are procured and operated jointly
  • Individual physical location in a highly secure data center for each municipality's own server infrastructure according to their specific requirements
  • A complete range of services for IT migration, operational support, services and support

The functions are built with the very latest technology for virtualization, storage and backup according to TietoEVRY's solution, Hybrid Cloud IaaS (infrastructure as a service). The services will be operational in mid-June 2021 and will be taken into use at a pace that suits each municipality.

“We have extensive experience of delivering IT support to Sweden's municipalities, authorities, and regions. Our knowledge of the public sector in combination with solid digital transformation expertise and our broad partnership ecosystem means that we can contribute to the benefit of society throughout the country. With this solution, Norrbotten's municipalities will have a local and state-of-the-art solution that will make it easier for the citizens.” says Bengt-Göran Kangas, responsible for the public sector at TietoEVRY in Sweden.

The municipalities that cooperate through Norrbotten's e-committee are all municipalities in Norrbotten, Arjeplog municipality, Arvidsjaur municipality, Boden municipality, Gällivare municipality, Haparanda city, Jokkmokk municipality, Kalix municipality, Kiruna municipality, Luleå municipality, Pajala municipality, Piteå municipality, Älvsbyn municipality, Överkalix municipality and Övertorneå municipality. Norrbotten's e-committee focuses on creating benefits for both citizens and businesses and supports the municipalities in their digitalisation journey.

The data center solution is delivered together with Hydro66 whom have received environmental awards for their unique design and physical location which provides highly efficient low-cost energy at minimal environmental impact.

David Rowe, CEO Hydro66 commented, “We are very happy to be able to support TietoEVRY in this important initiative for Norrbotten's Municipalities. The cost savings and increased performance, scalability, flexibility and ultimately value for money that the project will deliver are significant. We are pleased to contribute with critical infrastructure for the project.”

Eager to learn more?

Bengt-Göran Kangas

Head of Public and Healthcare

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