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Almi supports small business owners during the corona crisis with bridge loans developed with TietoEVRY

25 June 2020

Small and medium companies have been hit hard by the corona crisis, with many losing their entire turnover. For these companies, Almi Företagspartner has played a decisive role thanks to a new bridge loan developed together with system support from TietoEVRY.

In March this year, the Swedish government provided a capital injection of SEK 3 billion (286 million euros) to Almi Företagspartner, as part of several measures to support entrepreneurs through the crisis. The grant allowed Almi to increase its lending to the small and medium-sized companies that needed support.

Almi was already a customer at TietoEVRY and used our loan platform to handle credit applications and administration. The platform could now be extended to cover the bridge loans including new requirements for decisions and documentation as well as conditions such as interest and deferral of amortization.

“After receiving the capital injection from the government, TietoEVRY quickly put in place a loan product based on our requirements. We have also been able to access the loan analytics, which is very important for us to be able to measure the effects of the loan. Through the bridge loan, Almi can now quickly review the customer's critical liquidity needs and help with financing during these uncertain times”, says Kristian Hasslöf, National Credit Manager at Almi.

The bridge loan has a lower interest rate than normal and offers the possibility of postponement with interest and amortization for the customer. Almi helps customers to review their capital needs to cope with their current situation and to be able to resume operations again. After 12 months, the loan is either redeemed or converted to a longer-term loan form.

“With this project, TietoEVRY has enabled Almi to quickly adapt to new requirements and help small businesses in Sweden to cope with COVID 19 challenges in a quick and smooth way. Combining the opportunities in our standardized loan platform with fantastic collaboration and flexible working methods has proven to be really strong success factors”, says Olof Dedering, Vice President, Credit Solutions and Services at TietoEVRY.


Kristian Hasslöf, National Credit Manager at Almi, Kristian.Hasslof(at) 

Olof Dedering, Vice President, Credit Solutions and Services at TietoEVRY, 


About Almi

Almi Företagspartner AB is owned by the state and is the parent company of a group of 16 regional subsidiaries and the sub-group Almi Invest. The regional subsidiaries are 51 percent owned by the Parent Company and 49 percent by regional owners and offer loans and business development. Almi Invest AB is wholly owned by the Parent Company and conducts venture capital operations.



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Headquartered in Finland, TietoEVRY employs around 24 000 experts globally. The company serves thousands of enterprise and public sector customers in more than 90 countries. TietoEVRY’s annual turnover is approximately EUR 3 billion and its shares are listed on the NASDAQ in Helsinki and Stockholm as well as on the Oslo Børs.


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