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Tieto builds Scandinavian Man’s new E-commerce and Marketplace platform

12 April 2019

Together with the innovation group Wellstreet, Tieto has entered into a partnership with fashion startup Scandinavian Man to combine fashion media and retail by building Scandinavian Man’s new E-commerce and Marketplace platform.  

Today, many traditional fashion magazines face the challenge of having fewer advertisers, while conventional retailers find themselves in an ever-tougher competitive landscape where margins and prices are always pushed lower.  

”Together with Scandinavian Man we are looking for a new and more innovative E-commerce approach where editorial content like fashion articles is used to convey a shared set of values and style identification to power online sales”, says Jaakko Hartikainen, Vice President, Customer Experience Management, Tieto. 

Through an ecosystem with a magazine, a digital platform, pop-up stores, and events at fashion weeks around the world, the company has started to build a global platform for Scandinavian lifestyle and fashion brands.  

“Scandinavian brands have huge needs to reach out both with sales and with the message of their brand. By creating an international marketplace in combination with editorial content, we can offer a strong platform for them to launch both their brand and their products”, says Jonas Bergström, CEO and co-founder of Scandinavian Man.

Tieto’s solution is built in a highly experimental environment with an end-customer oriented focus, using different technologies flexibly in cloud-native AWS architecture. Combining this with the Marketplace Accelerator by Tieto and Wellstreet provides a fast time-to-market with minimal risk and great possibilities to scale quickly. Utilizing Marketplace functionality enables automated integrations of external fashion companies' retail systems, which means that external brands can be showcased and purchased in Scandinavian Man's web shop. This means that project hours can be spent on enriching the customer experience instead of developing integrations. At the same time, inventory costs are being cut as there is no need for Scandinavian Man to hold an inventory.   

“In the space of global fashion, the bar for user experience is set as high as possible. For our Customer Experience Management organization this is a great laboratory environment for developing world-class solutions in co-operation with world-class colleagues from Scandinavian Man and Wellstreet”, says Jaakko Hartikainen, Vice President, Customer Experience Management, Tieto. 

The next issue of the company’s fashion magazine, is adorned by Zlatan Ibrahimović.Scandinavian Man will be the first customer to use the Marketplace Accelerator by Tieto and Wellstreet and the E-Commerce platform is planned to be launched in the summer of 2019, and will initially be available in eight markets. 

For more information: 

Konrad Olsson, co-founder & Editor in chief,, +46 733 42 41 50 

Jaakko Hartikainen, VP CEM Tieto,, +358 44 350 0445 

Fredrik Därth, Marketing Manager Tieto,, +46 739 03 70 05 

SïmonSaneback, co-founder Wellstreet Group,, +46 8 559 167 00 

About Tieto

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