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Tieto enters strategic partnership with Telia for 5G

22 January 2019

Tieto has entered into a strategic partnership with Swedish telecom operator Telia leveraging the new mobile technology 5G. The companies will cooperate to develop new use cases, products and services to the ecosystem around 5G and work together with customers to accelerate the development in Sweden.

5G technology has been on the agenda for several years but the standard is not yet completely set and the roll-out of commercial networks will not begin until next year. But despite that, Telia and Tieto both see plenty of reasons for companies to start looking at the technology already today. As part of Telia’s partnership program, Tieto will be involved in developing solutions together with its customers and making use of the innovation-friendly environment for 5G that the operator has created. In addition to Tieto, other members of the Telia 5G Partner Program include Ericsson, Volvo Construction Equipment and Einride.

”To only view 5G as yet another communications technology is too simplistic. From our perspective, we feel that the technology is an enabler for our customers and a way for them to carry out projects and ventures that would have been very difficult – sometimes impossible – with today’s technology,” says Cecilia de Leeuw, Head of Telecom Services, Tieto.

One example is environments where requirements for reliability and security are extremely high. The technology can be used to expand infrastructure, for example to enable large numbers of connected devices that communicate with each other and send large quantities of data at high speed and controlling devices in real time.”

“We are already seeing great interest from customers within the forest industry where they see opportunities to optimize its supply chain thanks to the possibilities for real-time planning that 5G technology enables. By placing connected sensors in trees, one can easily keep track of every parameter, from moisture levels and temperatures to weather conditions and possible risks like wood rot, in order to identify the exact right time for harvesting,” says Cecilia de Leeuw.

Healthcare is another area where 5G technology is expected to have a major impact. Secure and stable connections will play an important role in building secure information pathways, and in the longer term the technology can lead to solutions like doctors operating surgical robots remotely – enabling people who live in faraway areas to receive advanced treatments without having to travel.

“As always when it comes to this type of potentially revolutionary technology leap, it is difficult to predict where the technology will go, how it will be utilized and what it will enable. But I feel confident that we will see many incredibly exciting services and products in the coming years that have been made possible thanks to 5G technology,” says Cecilia de Leeuw.

For more information, please contact:
Cecilia de Leeuw,, +46(072)5338585
Tieto newsdesk,, +358 40 5704072

Tieto aims to capture the significant opportunities of the data-driven world and turn them into lifelong value for people, business and society. We aim to be customers’ first choice for business renewal by combining our software and services capabilities with a strong drive for co-innovation and ecosystems. 

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