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Turku Energia is digitalizing its business with the help of Tieto Smart Utility

25 April 2017

Turku Energia, one of Finland's largest energy companies, has selected the Tieto Smart Utility cloud service solution to support its energy retail and distribution businesses and its district heating, steam and cooling businesses. Tieto's Smart Utility increases efficiency by digitalizing and automating energy company’s key processes and enabling seamless connection with the datahub, a forthcoming centralized information exchange solution for energy companies. Turku Energia is the leading energy company in Southwest Finland and serves a total of approximately 150,000 customers. 

Tieto’s new solution serves Turku Energia's operations for consumer as well as corporate customers. The service optimizes the energy company's key customer processes, such as multi-channel marketing, sales and customer service processes, as well as the billing and account receivables process known as 'meter-to-cash', an essential function for energy companies. For the energy company's customers, this modernization will lead to a wider offering of services in digital channels and more efficient customer service. In addition Tieto Smart Utility increases the efficiency of processes for metering in the network business and for exchanging market data. It also offers processes for creating connections and handling field work.

"We set ourselves some ambitious targets for the modernization of the customer service system so that we can continue to address our customers' changing service needs and prepare ourselves for technical changes in our operating environment, such as the deployment of the datahub in 2019. A key aim of the modernization is to raise the level of automation in service processes and our readiness to serve customers efficiently in an omni channel environment. Efficient customer processes demand good customer service and cost-efficiency," summarizes Timo Honkanen, CEO of Turku Energia.

"We are pleased to have expanded our long-term collaboration with Turku Energia and to have the opportunity to improve our customer's competitiveness on an energy market in transformation in the Nordic region. In the future, energy companies will be required to comprehensively digitalize their businesses and use a high degree of automation, which will also create new business opportunities. As competition becomes more intense, energy companies must invest in improving the customer experience and prepare themselves for forthcoming changes in electricity markets," states Timo Karpola, Director of Energy Utilities, Finland & Baltic, Tieto.

Tieto Smart Utility is a modular software as a service solution designed for companies engaged in energy retail, energy distribution and multi utility companies. The solution addresses the requirements stemming from present and forthcoming regulation of electricity markets. The scalable cloud service also meets stringent information security requirements by utilizing Tieto's Nordic data centres. Tieto's customers in the Nordic energy sector include,amongst other companies, Fortum Sweden and Vattenfall Finland.

For further information, please contact:

Olof Ferenius, Head of Energy Utilities, Tieto
Tel: +46 7066 16791 email: olof.ferenius[at]

Yrjö Kujala, Development Manager, Oy Turku Energia - Åbo Energi Ab 
Tel:   +358 50 5573 152, email: yrjo.kujala(at) 

Turku Energia Group is one of Finland's largest energy companies. Our net sales in 2016 were EUR 255.8 million and we employed an average of 279 personnel. Turku Energia is the leading company in Southwest Finland in terms of sales and transmission of electricity and heat. The company's operations also include developing, building and maintaining energy networks and energy generation plants. Turku Energia is also involved in developing electric transport in the Turku region. We provide 150,000 households and companies with energy services that improve the environment, quality of life and competitiveness. 

Tieto aims to capture the significant opportunities of the data-driven world and turn them into lifelong value for people, business and society. We aim to be our customers’ first choice for business renewal by combining our software and services capabilities with a strong drive for co-innovation and ecosystems.

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