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Modernizing Finnish pension management through the cloud

Arek Oy wanted to control and cut their mainframe costs and increase elasticity and flexibility at the same time.

25 October 2022

Arek Oy wanted to control and cut their mainframe costs and increase elasticity and flexibility at the same time. Furthermore, the solution had to be compatible with Google Cloud services and meet the FIN-FSA Financial Supervisory Authority (Fiva) requirements related to compliance, continuity, performance and information security.

With Anthos, Arek Oy introduced a hybrid cloud application platform with modern development tooling and automation. The platform provides the same developer experience as in public cloud, with on-premises data sovereignty and faster time-to-market.

Selected mainframe workloads were migrated to the scalable high-performing container platform, with an excellent return on investment. The mainframe MIPS consumption was reduced by about 50% and the project was delivered on time and within budget.

Google Cloud results

  • Addresses data protection regulations while unlocking cloud services
  • Reduces infrastructure maintenance and management costs
  • Improves parallel processing through enhanced containerization achieved with Anthos
  • Manages more than 160,000 events per week and scales out as needed post migration
  • Reduces mainframe use by 50 percent

"Tietoevry offered invaluable knowledge and support to address our business needs and migrate the critical applications customers need 24/7 with minimal downtime and disruption. They continue to provide advanced IT support and Google Cloud expertise to optimize our services. Our trust in Tietoevry allows us to focus on delivering outstanding customer services and not get bogged down by IT maintenance and management requirements,“ says the customer from Arek.

For further information, please contact:

Markku Luoma-aho, Head of Financial Services, Tietoevry Connect
tel. +358 50 66 389,


Arek builds and maintains information systems that are necessary in pension insurance, and offers system services that are in the pensions industry’s joint usage. Arek is committed to innovation and is always looking for ways to become more efficient and agile as it enhances customer services.




For more information

Markku Luoma-Aho

Head of Financial Services, Tietoevry, Finland

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