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Chemical management and Integrated Asset modelling at the centre of attention at Oil & Gas Days in Houston and Rio de Janeiro

06 September 2019

Tieto Oil & Gas Days, hosted in customer locations around the globe, gathers industry leaders and experts to talk about the latest trends in the market and solutions available for digitalised production efficiency and sustainability. During summer, almost 100 thought leaders from around 20+ organizations met at the Oil & Gas Days in Houston (USA) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and this time the focus was on advanced chemical management and integrated asset modelling.

“Tieto Oil & Gas Days is a maiden edition of Tieto’s thought leadership summit and am very pleased that this event has become a place where the leading companies meet to learn and discuss what’s new in the industry and technology landscape and what innovative and digital solutions are available to drive productivity in cost-efficient way,” says Kaare Lunde, Head of Oil & Gas at Tieto. “This year the event was focused on two new solutions that Tieto has launched - chemical management and integrated asset modelling, as well as available cloud-based solutions that raised big customer interest.”

Tieto Oil & Gas Days have been a tradition for several years, yet since 2018 events are held in different customer locations throughout the year. Each event is visited by respective region’s customers and industry’s thought leaders. The next Oil & Gas Days will be held in Calgary (Canada) in late October 2019. More information can be found here.

Tieto Oil & Gas is the leading technology provider for Oil & Gas industry serving more than 100 companies across the globe. Our experts are located in 12 countries in North and South America, Australia, Northern and Central Europe, Middle East and Asia. Tieto provides customer focused solutions in two main areas: hydrocarbon management to support hydrocarbon accounting, optimization, forecasting and decision support (since 2013, this has been recognized as the market leading solution for hydrocarbon accounting (HCA) according to IDC Energy Insights); and Personnel and Material Logistics to manage the logistics operations. As of this year, all Tieto Oil & Gas solutions are cloud-based.

Read more below about solutions discussed at the event:

Improved chemical management solution

Responding to increasing demands in terms of production regularity and operation integrity, this year Tieto launches a new chemical management solution. The solution includes the possibility to track and optimise the use of chemicals to reduce cost and improve production. This is a unique offering in the market by utilizing the power of EC giving companies better control of chemical spend as well as ensuring safe and efficient operation.    

Integrated Asset Modelling

Tieto has launched a new solution that helps operators integrate models and data used by different engineering business processes into one unified model. This enables transparent assessment of the entire value chain, and a robust tool to optimize production, investment decisions and development of new assets.

Interested to learn more?

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