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VMware competence center boosts expertise on hybrid cloud transformation in the Nordics

TietoEVRY has a long history of meeting customers' requirements for business-critical infrastructure. Let’s learn more about how VMware technology helps us do this.

13 December 2021

We launched our first VMware-based virtualization service in early 2000s. A significant proportion of our existing private cloud and virtual hosting services are based on VMware technologies, and we host tens of thousands of workloads on these platforms. Over the years we have also developed extensive VMware competence and established a competence center to boost the expert in-house community.

With our VMware competence center we are taking the next step in accelerating competence development opportunities for our employees and taking our partnership with VMware to the next level. The partnership opens up many new opportunities in cloud innovations for Nordic enterprises and society, and many of the development ideas and needs we identify when solving customers’ requirements with VMware technologies are submitted to VMware’s product development roadmaps.

We aim to meet the highest requirements in all applicable areas of the partnership, and the actions we have taken during 2021 mean we are already well on our way to achieving this goal. Here are some of the things we have done:

  • Consistent employee training and certification programs on VMware technologies
  • Extending our VMware community to increase innovation, knowledge sharing, and competence development
  • Accelerating hybrid cloud transformation in the Nordics

Competence development as lifelong learning

The competence center has provided new learning opportunities for both senior and junior experts within TietoEVRY. Daniel Micánek has a long history working with IT and is living proof of the benefits of lifelong learning and staying curious about new things. He started his career with virtualization in the time of ESX 2.5 when he needed to deliver an IT project for a healthcare sector customer with a limited budget. He got to see the first functional vMotion in action; today we are pushing the boundaries of migrating running VMs with several terabytes of RAM to guarantee high availability for customers.

“To me it’s key to stay curious. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to keep your expertise up to date.” Daniel Micánek

When COVID-19 hit and people were stuck at home, there was more time for learning. Daniel put his Netflix subscription on hold and attended various training courses instead. Today he has an extensive portfolio of certifications on the VMware front and also on Microsoft Azure – lately he has also been familiarizing himself with Kubernetes. He holds several certifications and other recognitions of his expert status, such as vExpert | vExpert NSX | VCIX-DCV | VCAP-NV Design | VCAP-DCV Design+Deploy | VCP-DCV/NV/CMA | NCIE-DP | OCP | Azure Solutions Architect | Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA).

He is also part of VMware’s vExpert program, a network of over 2,000 experts who in VMWare’s own words are the cream of the crop when it comes knowledge of VMware technologies. vExperts have access to private betas and enjoy private pre-launch blogger briefings prior to the annual VMworld multi-cloud conference.

“My three tips for any technical expert are: invest a lot of time in competence development, stay patient as learning takes time, and join troubleshooting courses as they are usually the most educational and inspirational option.” Daniel Micánek

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