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TietoEVRY the first Nordic Sovereign Cloud partner designated by VMware

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18 October 2021

Data and cloud sovereignty are becoming more fundamental to cloud strategy in Nordic companies. The potential situations of customer data being unsecured and accessed by foreign entities make it critical to envision a common set of design and operational guidelines that enable cloud sovereignty.

Tietoevry is the first cloud service provider to receive the VMware Sovereign Cloud designation in the Nordics. With the VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative, VMware aims to help government and regulated industry customers with extremely sensitive and critical data execute their cloud strategies by connecting them to VMware Sovereign Cloud Providers. VMware recognizes partners that are building, operating, and selling sovereign clouds in a specific jurisdiction, for example, the Nordics. VMware has developed a set of requirements for approving that a service provider’s cloud platform aligns with digital sovereignty needs of customers.

“New data privacy considerations such as Schrems II are hitting all organizations at a rapid speed on the global and local scale. We at Tietoevry experience the increasing demand for national clouds to secure the needs and regulatory requirements of Nordic organisations. To be nominated as the first VMware Sovereign Cloud provider in the Nordics is a proud moment for us”, says Alberto Valero, Head of Private Cloud & Edge Services at Tietoevry.

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According to VMware’s recent VMworld announcement of the Sovereign Cloud initiative with the emergence of data policies, it becomes even more critical that customers adopt a multi-cloud approach and identify their highly sensitive data sets with sovereignty requirements to be placed in specialized sovereign clouds and their less critical data in other environments.

About VMware’s Sovereign Cloud

The new VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative and framework will assist VMware customers and its cloud provider partners with education on sovereign cloud, particularly providing awareness around data sovereignty, residency, access, security, integrity, compliance, and control, and ultimately help organizations understand how to best manage their most sensitive data. VMware’s Sovereign Cloud partners are proficient in VMware technologies, operate a VMware Cloud Verified environment, demonstrate compliance and expertise in regional data privacy laws and operational standards, advocate for more customer rights over the protection of customer information, and deliver more secure sovereign cloud solutions, particularly in regulated industries and public and private sectors.

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