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Putting trust to the test – Tietoevry employees choose hybrid work

How our 24,000 employees co-created our future ways of working.

Trond Vinje / November 26, 2021

As people are looking forward to life in a post-pandemic world, companies have been working hard to create plans for their future workplaces.

Some of these plans seem surprisingly restrictive to me, especially given the opportunities technology provides and the smart new ways of working we have created over the past 18 months.

The way we build the future of work has a massive impact not only on the employee experience, but also on the customer experience and on sustainability. Our future ways of working can cause people to either love us, or leave us.

How our colleagues co-created the future

Tietoevry’s values are openness, trust and diversity. To stay true to these, we invited all our 24,000 employees to co-create our future ways of working.

During early 2021, employees from around the world shared their views and ideas through workshops and a crowdsourcing survey. We asked what had surprised them about working from home, how remote work has affected collaboration with customers and colleagues, how they see our future ways of working in a post-pandemic world, and how (or where) they would like to work in the future.

With the survey bringing in 43,000 comments from almost 8,000 participants – and with hundreds of employees participating in the workshops – we can say with conviction that people want to contribute to planning for the company’s future! After all, what we decide today can have a big impact on each of our personal and professional lives tomorrow.

What did we learn from our employees?

“Some people cannot connect remotely, yet others fall in love on the internet. So it's obvious we are different.”

As captured by this quote from one of our workshops, we are all refreshingly different as to where and how we want to work.

Our survey revealed that the majority of employees (40%) would like to come to the office for 1-2 days per week – mainly for social reasons. The remaining 60% are quite evenly split between those who would like to come to the office on most or all workdays, would like to visit the office less than once a week, or would like to work fully remotely.

From these findings, it became clear that our future ways of working need to be flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs.

At Tietoevry, the future of work is hybrid – a combination of remote work and offices

We want to respect the diversity of our employees’ opinions by offering as much flexibility as possible, and by not forcing a set number of days at the office. Flexibility means more personal responsibility, but we trust our people to judge how to balance their own needs with those of our customers and their teams.

We have guidelines for our common ways of working, and we closely follow local regulations and customer requirements. We invite employees and teams to openly discuss what hybrid means for you, as we invest in leadership training, support for remote work, more functional office spaces, and digital collaboration tools.

Hybrid work is a true test of trust and leadership, and we are ready to learn along the way. Whether you are a customer today or an employee of the future, we welcome you to join Tietoevry on our hybrid journey!

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Trond Vinje
Head of HR

Trond Vinje is Chief Human Resources Officer and part of the leadership team in Tietoevry. Diversity and inclusion are part of his daily work.

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