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Sami Alitalo: A software developer shining in the cloud

Sami, a Senior Software Developer and Architect with Tietoevry Create, continues to explore the frontiers of cloud. He jumped into a huge project already during his onboarding.

Sami Alitalo / March 20, 2023

One frosty morning in November 2021, Sami Alitalo arrived at Tietoevry Create’s Oulu office in Northern Finland to start his first day as a Senior Software Developer. A few hours later, his onboarding was interrupted by a phone call to his supervisor.

“After hanging up, my supervisor asked if I could immediately start working as a cloud expert on an important SaaS service sales proposal for a top-ten corporation in Finland. It sounded challenging but I didn’t hesitate to jump on board that moving train,” Sami Alitalo recollects fondly.

As he began to work on the long requirement lists, plan service architecture and calculate costs and work estimations, he felt no pressure from the huge team involved, only support. He even attended the final proposal presentation and answered customer questions.

“From almost the first day, I had a feeling of belonging. We completed the proposal by the deadline and won the case. It was an eye-opening experience.”

Always something new in the cloud

Since boarding that train, Sami has discovered that life as a software developer rarely means travelling the same route and it’s that variety that keeps him mentally engaged.

“A regular workday starts with a quick team meeting to check the situation of our current projects but then it’s rare for anything else to go as planned. Working with both sales cases and software deliveries in the Microsoft Azure environment means there are different issues to problem solve daily.”

His current project is a ‘clean table’, so the Software Engineering team are setting up everything in the development pipeline, from basic coding and infrastructure to solving communication problems overlooked by contractors who created the environments.

With each new cloud-native project, Sami always applies the best of himself, be it public, corporate or private.

“For example, there was a small delivery project that involved modernising an old Java system. I’m more of a C#, JavaScript and Microsoft .NET guy—Java is not my forte. But the responsibility fell to me because I was the only one who knew how to code it. It was intense and difficult, but the customer was happy.”

Advancing software developer skills

With advancements in cloud-native development arriving every 4-6 months, Sami is keen to remain versatile and keep his mind open as he navigates an ever-changing environment.

“During the year, I try to read at least a couple of technology-related books and use Tietoevry’s Pluralsight and Udemy subscriptions. Tietoevry also has a free programme that supports its employees to attain official certification in different fields during their workday.”

Since joining Create, Sami kept his professional skills in good shape by passing the DevOps Engineer Expert and Azure Developer Associate courses, both of which were Microsoft certified.

Supported across the company, training is recognised as a way for its employees to not only improve themselves but to also learn how to develop more efficient applications and how to deliver them.

Combined with the desire for self-improvement is the opportunity to share what he has learned. Throughout the year, the team also organise training sessions about AI or something they may have faced in their daily work and occasionally welcome external experts.

“Immediate feedback after a presentation is rare, but the proof that everybody was awake and listening can be seen in its application in projects or discussions across Microsoft Teams.”

Harness the potential of cloud

Since cloud computing is enhancing the ability to work anywhere, it is natural to discover that the Tietoevry “creators” are spread across Finland including Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Oulu, and many more.

“For us, the pandemic has made using Teams as easy as walking up to somebody’s desk. We can effortlessly ask for help and ideas even though we are in separate locations. We have a supportive team and we are always free to participate in proposals, like the one from my first day on the job.”

Cloud computing is also increasingly going hand in hand with AI. Not only will it handle the bulk of coding and enable more automation but will give software developers like Sami more time to focus on the bigger problems.

“Over the next decade, cloud development will be increasingly adopted across the board and Tietoevry Create has the potential to be an even bigger player than we are now. It’s a new frontier.”

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Sami can often be found either hiking, fishing or hunting in the forest with his two-year-old Brittany spaniel gun dog Pihka. He is working to train her for bird hunting by participating in a famous test for young dogs called Niesta, which is arranged in Savukoski, a municipality in Finnish Lapland. “The training is quite complicated because some things must be taught backwards.”


Get to know Sami

  • Name: Sami Alitalo
  • Job title: Senior Software Developer at Tietoevry Create
  • Loves at Tietoevry Create: Challenging work that varies every day
  • Interests: Hiking, fishing and hunting in the forest with his Brittany spaniel
  • Motto: “Code wild, explore the great outdoors, and embrace the endless possibilities of technology and nature.”
Sami Alitalo
Senior Software Developer, Cloud Native Application Services, Tietoevry Create

Sami, a Senior Software Developer and Architect, continues to explore the frontiers of cloud. Challenging job assignments at Tietoevry Create make him happy as well as hunting in the forest with his two-year-old Brittany spaniel gun dog Pihka.

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