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Ambitions on several fronts

Meet handball player and Business & Technology Consultant Caroline Aar Jakobsen who started her Tietoevry journey 2.5 years ago.

Recruitment Team / February 01, 2023
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As a recent Bachelor of Commerce graduate, Caroline Aar Jakobsen was not sure whether her greatest passion was reconcilable with a career. Then she discovered Tietoevry Create.

Two and a half years earlier: Caroline Aar Jakobsen is a recent Bachelor of Commerce graduate and knows it is time to enter the workforce. But she has one concern: She is passionate about something that takes up much of her time, meaning she can’t work an ordinary nine-to-five job.

“I wasn’t sure if I fit in anywhere, with my background and everyday life”, she says.

Handball is a big part of the everyday life Caroline is talking about. She plays for Byåsen Håndball Elite, and any working day needs to fit in with a busy training schedule. She was not sure therefore whether she could manage a full-time job, but if she were to have one, it would be within innovation and sustainability.

“I have always been interested in innovation, sustainability and technology. That’s why it was only natural to apply to a tech company.”

Towards the end of her studies she applied to Tietoevry Create and was offered a job soon thereafter.

“After signing the employment contract, my first thought was: ‘What have I done?.’ I didn’t think I could combine the role of athlete and a career as business and technology consultant. But I decided to give it a shot and, two and a half years later, I am so happy I ended up here.”

As it turned out, it wasn’t a problem combining the job with a career as a handball player. Tietoevry makes every effort to accommodate each employee. During the pandemic, Caroline worked 100 percent in her job as Scrum Master, whereas now she works 60 percent. That way, it is possible to combine work and professional sports.

Caroline’s job is in large part about managing all the overlying threads in the project, steering the team, and making strategic decisions together with the customer.

“Tietoevry Create had room for someone like me with slightly different needs than a nine-to-five profile that so many others match. It was positive to enter the workforce and see that you could work from home if you had a lot of other things going on and that you can have ambitions on more than just the job front.”


In fact, Tietoevry viewed her background as a strength. In the job as project manager, this is something she takes with her, especially when building a new team.

“When we build a team, we strive for diversity and a variety of backgrounds. A good team is one with breadth of expertise and understanding of each individual’s role. But it is also important that people get to shine – that they get to apply their expertise.”

”It’s team play, just as in handball,” says Caroline.

“For instance, we have a designer who makes fabulous drawings during breaks and others who spend time climbing, downhill cycling or ski touring. Some build apps in their spare time, while many enjoy time with family and make it a priority. You can be ambitious in your career and still have an identity outside of work. And, of course, it is fun getting together with our various backgrounds and feeling a sense of community in the team.”

“I love working with people and seeing that we are moving in the same direction despite, or perhaps because of, our different backgrounds and expertise. It works when everyone shares the same vision about the direction we need to take, believes in it, and feels a sense of ownership.”

Who should apply to Tietoevry Create?

“If you feel your profile is different and doesn’t exactly fit neatly in a box, I would send an application. We need a variety of people and we guard our differences closely.”

Recruitment Team

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