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Come meet us at Money20/20 Europe 2024!

4 - 6.6.2024 / Amsterdam

We are going to Money20/20 in Amsterdam, are you? 

Money20/20 Europe takes place 4th - 6th June in Amsterdam. It is a gathering of innovative voices in the banking and fintech industry, driving the future of the money ecosystem. Money20/20 offers valuable connections, tools, knowledge, and access to groundbreaking innovations each year. You can see the full program here.

We are thrilled to have a team of cards, payments and financial crime prevention experts present at the event. You can find more information about each of our delegates below. If you would like to meet with them in Amsterdam, the easiest way to contact them is to look them up using Money20/20's Connect App. You can also contact us via the form in the upper right corner on this page. 

We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam soon!

/Tietoevry Banking


What can you ask us about?

Here’s a list of some of the things you can ask us about, related to the areas of Card Issuing, Card Production & Personalization, Financial Crime Prevention and Transaction Banking.

Card Issuing:​

  • Card Issuing Services
  • Card Services & Processing
  • Credit, debit and prepaid card products
  • Virtual and instant card issuances
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Tokenization and mobile payment (support for all major wallets)
  • Replace, simplify and rationalize legacy systems
  • Full card value chain
  • One-stop-shop
  • Regulatory compliance-by-design

Card production and personalization​

  • Card Production & Personalization
  • Payment card trends
  • Sustainable payment cards (Corn/PLA, Wood, Ocean Plastic, Recycled plastic)
  • Recycling of payment cards
  • Payment card supporting inclusion
  • Biometric payment cards
  • Premium cards (wood, metal, ceramic etc)
  • Payment wearables
  • Payment card lifecycle management
  • Cardholder engagement

Financial Crime Prevention​

  • Financial Crime Prevention 
  • Payment fraud trends and how to mitigate​ them
  • Outsourced fraud management
  • Anti-money laundering solutions
  • Identity management for the financial sector

Transaction Banking ​

E-commerce gateway

Instant payments

Meet our experts

Clarence Therstam
Head of Sales and Business Development, Financial Crime Prevention
Clarence has extensive experience in providing solutions to the financial services industry. He is heading up sales and business development within our Financial Crime Prevention (FCP) software business. He is eager to discuss topics like anti-money laundering, fraud and identity driven security.  
Gerd Müller  
Head of Strategy and Growth, Card Personalization
Gerd has extensive knowledge in the whole cards and payments value chain from his extensive international experience holding different management positions in banks, payment processors and technology companies.
Per Sandberg
Senior Sales Manager, Financial Crime Prevention
Per has extensive experience in providing solutions to the financial services industry and works in our Financial Crime Prevention (FCP) software business. Get in touch if you would like to discuss FCP related topics such as anti-money laundering (AML), fraud and identity driven security.
Stefan Niemi 
Head of Customers & Projects, Card Personalization
Stefan has 30+ years of experience from financial services working in sales and in close cooperation with Tietoevry Banking’s major card services customers. He has a proven track record of business development and adapting services to the customers ‘requirements across the whole card value chain.
Tamerat Gebchara
Head of Sales, UK&I , Cards Sales & Business Development
Based on his long experience in technology consulting and business development, Tamerat can help you identify the pain-points in your banking technology stack, discuss current and future payment trends and assist with legacy systems simplification and migration to a SaaS platform.
Thomas Bergström
Customer Executive
Thomas is a recognized leader with long experience in the financial industry. He is more than happy to discuss card management platforms, including all types of card brands and types or cards in general. Reach out to Thomas if you want to know how we can help your card business grow.
Tomasz Sekutowicz
Business specialist, Card Personalization
Tomasz has 25+ years of experience in the areas of cards, payments and security. Previously he headed up TAG Systems in Poland building a card personalization and distribution centre. Tomasz can help you simplify card implementations and deliver payment cards all over Europe.

Contact us

Helen Kierulf Svane

Senior Marketing & Communications Lead, Cards, Tietoevry Banking

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