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Forging a future-proof payments model

The payments industry evolves rapidly, driven by regulation, technology, and market shifts. Our survey with Finextra Research explores how financial institutions can adapt their models for continued success in this dynamic landscape.

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This paper is conducted by Tietoevry Banking in partnership with Finextra Research delivering survey results coupled with insights from the leading European transaction banks.

The report seeks answers to the following questions:

  • How banks execute their payments processing and outsourcing of payment processing compontents?
  • What are the challenges a bank have in payment processing?
  • What are factors that could influence to re-evaluate their operating model?
  • What are challenges banks face in adopting an as-a-service operating model?

Please reach out to us should you have any questions or thoughts on the report.

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Payments as a Service

An ecosystem with composable built-to-evolve payment capabilities for banks. Its a unique architecture with loosely coupled capabilities. Each capability is designed to execute a specific task and can operate independently, allowing seamless communication with other services through simple APIs.

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