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Migrating card payment systems

A survey discovers the sentiment in global banks in modernising card systems. The survey report "Options for change: migrating to modern card payment systems" explores how leading banks are embracing migration strategies to drive innovation and reduce internal system complexity

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Get access to "Options for change: migrating to modern card payment platform" whitepaper. Discover leading bank strategies on card platform change, decision making process and selecting a vendor

61% of banks in Europe are looking to replace their existing card systems

Card systems migration is a hot topic for European banks, and is at or near the top of their agendas

More than half (52%) of the card systems currently in use are between 10, 20 years old or older

Such systems cannot now be adapted to the needs of a modern digital economy, such as Banking-as-a-Service or transactions via digital marketplaces. This is a key factor driving the current interest in migration.

Vast majority (96%) of banks are considering hosting future card systems in the cloud

While fewer than one-third are actually engaged in that process. This underlines the importance of Software as a Service (SaaS) as a migration strategy given its flexibility and adaptability to future change – such as when a bank decides to move to cloud hosting for its card systems.

You are not alone

Given the complexity of card migration projects, banks should be working with experienced partners who understand the numerous road-blocks and pitfalls that can impede successful migration strategies – and who know how to overcome these obstacles.

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