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Webinar on-demand: Do you want to improve your Customer Experience?

Do you see improved CX as being a competitive advantage? If the answer is yes: Join our webinar which will focus on tangible actions that you are able to apply directly to your company´s CX strategy.

6.10.2022, Online
Watch the recording here

The importance of Customer Experience strategy

In this webinar, we will describe the importance of a CX strategy and how your company continuously can take steps forward to improve the end-to-end customer journey related to your outgoing communication. The full scope of CX includes all touchpoints when the customer will interact with your service, the payment is of course included and all of their needs to be relevant to feel good for the end customer.

A good CX is defined by usability, graphic design, and accessibility. All of them are vital parts of making the experience great.

Improve your customer experience with Live Invoice

The service Live Invoice can provide you with many of these features and then some.

Let us walk you through the benefits with relevant use cases to ensure that you, after the webinar, get inspired and can take actions directly to improve your CX.

Live Invoice – Boost communication, payments and availability to reduce churn.

 Webinar on-demand

If you are working in Finance, Marketing, IT, Product, or Customer Service it doesn’t really matter – this is a relevant webinar for you if you are affecting the customer experience in your company.

Contact us

Pernilla Hurtig

Senior Sales Manager

Date and place

07:30-08:00 UTC
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