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Tietoevry’s first Trusted Digital Societies Ecosystem partner event sparks interdisciplinary collaboration

Several co-innovation initiatives have already started

30.8.2022, Finland
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After the first six months of the Trusted Digital Societies Programme, Tietoevry held an online event on 30 August to give an update on how the programme has taken shape, what initiatives have begun and what will happen during the second half of 2022.

The event started with a common status update of the program and the areas. Christian Sundell gave an overview of the national targets of increasing Finnish R&D investments as well as cooperation with market entities and research institutions into new technology. He emphasized that Tietoevry is the only immaterial Veturi partner, with views on boosting platform-capable, data-driven ecosystems to build and enable different kinds of players. There will be several ecosystems in the vertical and horizontal areas, with linkages and cooperation. The aim is to find agile ways of applying the technology into platforms and modular systems and accelerate time to market for the products.

In his update on horizontal technologies, Iftikhar Ahmad emphasized the importance of trustworthy analytics and artificial intelligence in digital societies. Adherence to national and EU regulation will make us more reliable. By enabling secure communication and new security paradigms, we want to build new governance models, taking new values like sustainability and inclusion to the business. The ecosystem currently comprises some 100 partners and is already collaborating in local, EU and international projects to conduct research and bring proof of value into products.

Sami Uski explained that the Banking area is currently driving streams of work in two ecosystem projects: bill payment and financial insight for sustainable decision making. In bill payments, the ecosystem is exploring market development, producing end-to-end process flow specs, and creating proof of value and proof of concept showcases. In its first year, the financial insight project es on consumer lending, followed by the themes on proactive liquidity forecasting and insight for SME company growth. Digital identities, data governance, machine learning and explainable AI are the key horizontal research topics in the projects.

Petteri Mussalo presented the roadmap of the Care research focus area: to build capabilities for new data-driven services in digital selfcare, digital treatments and remote care. The roadmap concentrates on utilizing data, AI and machine learning, with continuous measuring giving data for assessing the effectiveness, cost and safety of the services and related care outcomes. The project has already held several partner workshops and will continue monthly status calls and individual discussions.

The last update was given by Antti Seppälä on the Energy & Cities research focus area. The mission is to build a zero-carbon society by providing digital tools and services for the energy industry and other stakeholders to succeed in the green transition. Tietoevry’s capabilities and assets are in the wide portfolio from production to consumer in the Nordics, which can be opened to partners and new types of players. Ongoing initiatives include city decarbonization; AI and data analytics for market predictions and development of energy systems; consumer micro-scale energy production and consumption management; and energy flex market balancing overproduction and distribution bottlenecks.

The guests had an opportunity to have in-depth discussions with the speakers during the separate breakout sessions.

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You are also invited to join the first annual Showcase event scheduled for 11 October. The registration opens soon.

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