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Slush 2022

We’re beyond excited that Tietoevry is back as one of the main partners for Slush 2022 and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

17 - 18.11.2022 / Helsinki, Finland
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Meet us at Slush 2022 in Helsinki to explore how AI can be used to prevent bullying in schools, how industries can optimize their use of renewable energy, and how a user group of people with cognitive disabilities helped us develop a time-reporting solution never seen before.

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In November we meet in Helsinki to discuss how technology is changing the world for good. In a rapidly changing world, technology is everything. It's in the fabric of society and business. Even at the heart of human evolution.

By using a clear inner compass with the true intent of sustainable impact, we can seize opportunities at a greater scale with the ambition to build solutions that profit everyone and create growth that won’t compromise the world we share together.

That’s what technology is for.

Photo: Petri Anttila / Slush

Thu 17 Nov
Our activities in the booth 7B.18

Visit our demo booth next to the founder stage for demos, talks, and networking.

13:55 - 14:10
Tech talk: From ocean plastic to credit cards

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of your plastic business card? The truth is that plastic cards contribute to a lot of plastic waste and both consumers and governments are looking at the card industry to become more sustainable

Read more about sustainable payments

Valda Zute
Head of Fintech & Baltics Branch, Card Production & Personalization
Tapio Vailahti
Head of Sales, Card Production & Personalization
Side event: Driving DEI in tech

What is the current state of diversity, equity and inclusion in the tech industry? What are the barriers that hold back progress? And what should we do to achieve a more diverse, equitable and inclusive industry?

Find out by joining our Slush Partner event, hosted by Inklusiiv in partnership with Venture ESG, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, NGP Capital, TEK and Tietoevry.

Making an impactful change with DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion)

Hanna Vuorikoski
Global Head of People and Culture at Tietoevry Transform
Hanna  is passionate about driving diversity, inclusion and equity at Tietoevry, and she works actively to encourage girls and women to pursue a career in tech.
16:20 - 16:30
Tech talk: Saving the wine one grape at a time

Global warming has affected not only wine growing. How to compare the different preventive strategies?

Read more about project FrostStrat

Johannes Strassmayr
Senior Consultant, Tietoevry Create​
Mingling w/ Tietoevry & Microsoft
Fri 18 Nov
Our activities in the booth 7B.18

Visit our demo booth next to the founder stage for demos, talks, and networking.

Meet & greet: Building trusted digital societies

The global Information Technology markets are changing due to new technologies and business models. Together with Finnish research and industry partners, we want to change how IT business is run by building a trusted digital society.

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Iftikhar Ahmad
Lead Strategy Development Specialist, Tietoevry
Meet Startup Refugees and make a difference!

Do you want to make a difference and support the integration of refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants in Finland? Come to the Tietoevry booth to learn more about what it takes to be a mentor and hear from refugees that have started a new life in a new country with support from the mentor program.

Kia Haring from Tietoevry will interview mentors and mentees about challenges, opportunities, and what can be learned from the latest mentoring program launched in September together with Tietoevry and Telia.

Read more about the mentoring program

Kia Haring
Head of Communications, Sustainability, Brand and Marketing
DEI O’clock

How do we help newcomers to integrate into the Finnish job market and society? How does this link to diversity and inclusion?

Read more about Startup Refugees

Satu Kiiskinen
Country Manager, Tietoevry
Elisa Vepsäläinen
CEO, Startup Refugees
Afterparty with Tietoevry and Startup Refugees

Welcome to celebrate the afterparty together with Tietoevry and Startup Refugees. Glowing drinks, flaring shows, and festival glitter will make this party an evening to remember.

Together we celebrate the power of collaboration and the digital futures to come. Come glow in the dark and do good with us!

Our demos at Slush

Our demos at Slush offer you inspiring examples where we’ve made use of data, analytics, AI and other top technology to serve tangible purposes bringing value to our customers across different industries.

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of your plastic business card? The truth is that plastic cards contribute to a lot of plastic waste and both consumers and governments are looking at the card industry to make cards more sustainable.

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Throw away the spreadsheets! Make your ESG data available at your fingertips, and reach your sustainability goals faster.

Climate crisis, loss of biodiversity and rising demand for human rights are changing the way business is being done. With increasing pressure from investors, consumers and legislators, enterprises need to be more transparent about their sustainability actions than ever before.

Read more about Sustainability Data Hub

More and more services are being digitalized to make daily life easier. At the same time, there's a widening gap between people who have climbed aboard the digitalization train and the people who against their will have been left behind.

Who has the responsibility of making sure that everyone gets on board? Does that task fall on the people left on the platform or those who designed and built the train?

Read more about TIDA

d|lab - the Design and Innovation lab

Simon Kavanagh
Chief Designer, Tietoevry Banking
Fredrika Ling
Head of Design, Tietoevry Banking

With Distributed Energy Solution (DES), you get a holistic, real-time overview of your operations – from utility-level assets to small-scale distributed energy resources – so you can see how to optimize them and generate more efficient revenue streams.

Read more about DES

Every year, a staggering 10 % of children in years 3 – 6 (in Sweden) report that they have been subjected to bullying. The worrying statistics continue as children grow, with 5 % of children in years 6 - 9 report being bullied. Bullying can have long-lasting and devastating effects that last a lifetime, including mental health problems such as depression, and in severe cases, suicide.

In order to combat bullying, we've partnered up with Friends and the University of Örebro to create a digital twin of bullying.

Read more

Saving the wine, one grape at a time, from the perils of late-season frost caused by climate change.

Digital transformation is rapidly evolving even in conservative sectors like agriculture. While there is the perception that only large-scale producers can benefit from digital technology, this use case shows that smaller businesses also can benefit from using IoT and data analytics to increase efficiency.

Read more about project FrostStrat

The mission of the Trusted Digital Societies programme is to develop affordable, accessible and trusted digital services for citizens. It is one of Business Finland-funded Veturi programmes.

We are looking for ecosystem partners – companies, research groups, and startups alike – for research collaboration in enabling technologies as well as focused topics in Banking, Care, and Energy and City. Together we will develop Finland’s technological know-how and help Finnish IT companies to build globally scalable business value from responsible data-enabled platforms.

Tietoevry can offer various kinds of support to its partners, like assistance with the application process, finding partners, and collaboration.

Come meet us at Tietoevry booth to learn more and get involved.

Iftikhar Ahmad
Lead Strategy Development Specialist, Tietoevry
Ksenia Avetisova
Strategic Development Lead at Innovation Partnerships, Tietoevry
Fredrik Jansson
Head Of New Business, Energy & Utilities, Tietoevry Industry
Petteri Mussalo
Lead Specialist, Tietoevry Care
Sami Uski
Lead Solution Consultant, Tietoevry Banking

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