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Tampere Smart City Week Conference

Tampere Smart City Week is an event for all people interested in smart city development.

14 - 15.6.2022 / Tampere, Finland
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It is great to join the event promoting smart city development. We are ready to have a chat with you about your business needs and smart solutions at our stand, 206. Hope to see you at the brand new Nokia Arena!

Our people at stand 206

Tietoevry Create

  • Assisted digital self-service

Jens Forsman, Development Manager, Customer Experience

Tietoevry Care demos:

  • Data platform for Health and Care
  • 360° Patient  
  • 360° Insights
  • 360° Wellbeing

Niina Siipola, Product Lead

Teemu Ekola, Head of Offering Development

Riikka Niemelä, Product Lead

Joona Pylkäs, Head Data & AI (14.6.)

Our keynote

Our conference keynote presentation brings insights on how better use of data can promote the well-being of citizens.

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Our keynote Tuesday 14.6.

Healthier citizens, happier care professionals – the future of healthcare is built on data, AI, and cloud

Healthcare has the fastest-growing datasphere in all the industries. The amount of medical data doubles every two years, but also the number of data sources keep increasing at a rapid pace. As data is fragmented to several IT systems, fully utilizing the data to serve is challenging. The situation places an ever-growing pressure on care delivery and cost efficiency and a cognitive burden on the care professionals. This calls for new solutions for data management and advanced analytics in healthcare. Read more about the keynote and future of healthcare and data.


Joona Pylkäs
Head Data & AI
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