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SHE Conference 2022: Make it happen

The Social Sustainability & Equality Conference 2022 in Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki

17 - 31.3.2022

Together, we make it happen!

SHE 2022 has become one of the world's leading events focused on Equity & Social responsibility, Inclusion, Sustainability, and Innovation. SHE has created a unique platform for individuals, professionals, communities, and companies of all sizes to drive real change and progress. ​This year, we are excited to participate in the event as one of the partners in Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki.

Join us & get your tickets!


March 30
Helsinki, Merikaapelihalli

Unconsciously biased workshop with Sara Salmani

13:00 - 14:00 EET

We all have biases, and research has shown how they affect not only our decision-making but who we hire, promote, and like to work with. How do we recognize biases and what can we do to mitigate them? Find out more in this thought-provoking workshop and wake up to the fact that we are all unconsciously biased.

Check the SHE Conference program in Helsinki

Satu Kiiskinen
Managing Director, Tietoevry Transform
Satu is a visionary thinker and a people-centric leader who is enthusiastic about the potential of technology to drive change and create a positive impact for people, businesses, and societies. She works actively to encourage girls and women to pursue a career in the tech sector.
Sara Salmani
an award-winning DEI specialist and speaker
Sara Salmani is training companies and organizations on the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She sheds light on subjects such as advancing DEI, understanding unconscious bias, and mastering inclusive marcomms.
Ksenia Avetisova
Strategic Development Lead, Innovation Partnerships, Tietoevry
With background in user experience and digital service design, Ksenia is driven by bringing the human perspective to innovation, tech and business. She is a true advocate of human-centricity, equality, and digital empowerment. Ksenia is also a founder of XR Women Nordic network.

Please make sure you have a ticket to SHE 2022 before registration. As a gold partner to the SHE Conference, Tietoevry is able to offer you a 25 % discount on tickets for the event in Helsinki. Use the code: SHEHELSINKIPARTNER25 when signing up.

March 24
Stockholm, Nacka Strandsmässan

Unconscious biases workshop with Allbright

14:00-15:00 CET

The aim of the workshop is to learn how to identify and counteract hidden biases and stereotypes that will affect business decisions, product development and innovation. The workshop participants are given the opportunity to discuss and identify stereotypes and challenges they face in their daily work and how this can be solved.

Check the SHE Conference program in Stockholm

Anna Gulliksen
Head of Talent Acquisition
Anna is passionate about Talent Acquisition and Employer Brand and is excellent at building cultures and workforces based on engagement, diversity, and equal opportunities. Anna frequently uses new tech in order to increase fairness and stay objective.
Christian Guttmann
Global head of AI and Data at Tietoevry
Christian has been named Top 100 Global AI Leader by DKA. He has led many innovative AI business and productizations in international firms and startups. In addition, he is the executive director at the Nordic AI Institute, and a senior researcher at the Karolinska Institute
Sarah Jabar
Educator & equality consultant
Sarah is educated in political science and economics at Stockholms University and has a background in sales. She has experience of practical equality work from the foundation Make Equal and is alumnus of Höj Rösten Politikerskola where she was trained in innovative leadership and change management.
Tove Dahlgren
Vice President, Allbright
Tove holds a bachelor´s degree in political science and gender studies. She is trained in gender mainstreaming and equal pay survey techniques. Tove has on several occasions participated as a gender equality expert in Swedish media.

As a gold sponsor, we have the amazing opportunity to offer you a free ticket to the Stockholm event! Register with the code TIETOEVRY2022PARTNER and you're good to go.

March 17
Oslo, Spektrum

Girls & Technology - a workshop by Tietoevry

​​11:00-12:00 CET

Welcome to our workshop on how we can attract more women into tech and make women choose tech as an education.

This is a collaboration with a project led by NHO called "Girls & Technology". The project is based on the principle that gender equality is sustainable. Tietoevry is happy to invite you to this workshop and participation involves active participation.

This workshop will be operational with clear actions points. Let your voice be heard!


Trond Vinje
Chief Human Resources Officer
Trond is Chief Human Resources Officer at Tietoevry. He has extensive experience within human resources from companies like Scandic Hotels and CGI. Within the male-dominated IT sector he is in the lead on enhancing diversity and gender balance at Tietoevry.

SHE Talks

Guro Storlien Evensen
Head of Department for Cloud Advisory and Technology Innlandet
Guro is a positive and creative leader who is constantly looking for better solutions and new opportunities. She holds several chairwoman positions and considers herself a lifelong student. SHE Talks title: How self-leadership can bring better diversity in the technology business
Anette Brurås
Head of Delivery & Operational Excellence
Anette has substantial experience in deliveries and project management. She balances the three important factors: her customer obsession, a keen interest in quality, and always finding pragmatic solutions. SHE Talks title: Educate yourself in unconscious bias and be a good role model
Katrine Villumsen
Section Manager in Financial Services
Katrine is an ambitious and strategic leader within It and cyber security. She focuses on motivating the new generation and young women to join a career in cyber security. SHE Talks title: The visualization of cyber security talent - how to welcome more women

Contact us

Kia Haring

Tietoevry alumni

SHE Talks

Guro Storlien Evensen

Head of Department for Cloud Advisory and Technology Innlandet

Anette Brurås

Head of Delivery & Operational Excellence

Katrine Villumsen

Section Manager in Financial Services

Date and place

17 - 31.3.2022
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