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DevOps and agile services

Experience DevOps with the speed of change, predictable, secure and high-quality at scale. We help you ignite your business’ application economy with our DevOps-enabled deliveries and agile services.

DevOps: people, processes & technologies

Our DevOps approach is all about realizing the business value of new features faster, by enabling automated builds, testing and deployments, as well as enabling innovation across your applications. Get the best insights, coaching and skilled colleagues you need to achieve predictable outcomes and the best efficiencies for your business.

While agile mostly focuses on design and development, DevOps encompasses the whole life-cycle of the application - from idea to production and continued development. We integrate Development and Operations (DevOps) and agile to ensure that you can be productive, collaborative and avoid disruptions to your business.

Our accelerators:
• Skilled DevOps teams & colleagues
• Integrated DevOps platforms aligned to your business and IT strategy
• Industry-standard practices and processes to enable automation and compliance

Per Engman

Lead Product Manager

Key benefits

Attract the best developers and enable a modern way of working with a supportive and automated environment.

Employee engagement

Attract the best developers and enable a modern way of working with a supportive and automated environment.

Don't let your competitors beat you to an opportunity. We vastly improve your time–to–market new software releases and processes can be rolled out hundreds of times faster than before.

Faster time-to-market

Don't let your competitors beat you to an opportunity. We vastly improve your time–to–market new software releases and processes can be rolled out hundreds of times faster than before.

Efficient collaboration, more automated operations and testing improve quality and cost control.

Better development output

Efficient collaboration, more automated operations and testing improve quality and cost control.

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Master the terms of digital development with our DevOps and Agile glossary

What does continuous delivery, - deployment or - integration really mean? Don't get lost in the jungle of DevOps and Agile terms.

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DevOps breaks down silos and increases productivity

How to build a DevOps roadmap to fully evolve DevOps benefits.

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Cloudifying people’s everyday lives through DevOps

As organizations become more agile and adopt DevOps practices, they will increasingly benefit of cloud services.

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Sometimes existing DevOps practices aren’t enough

Simple steps in pipeline and quality management can make a large impact on the speed and efficiency of development work.

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Key capabilities

Business-driven development

Drive change with skilled digital development colleagues and work towards business-driven ways of working, multi-vendor management and centralized OPS for better business impact and less cost. We share insights, so that you can embed proven design processes and implement innovative methods to solve problems.

DevOps advisory services

Understand the bottlenecks and gaps hindering the improvement of your business. By assessing your current situation and vision, we can advise you on the best approach and roadmap needed to make the necessary transformation towards DevOps’ ways of working, as well as its organizational models, toolchain, platforms and other steps along the way.

DevOps implementation services

Accelerate your end-to-end DevOps transformation and manage multiple things simultaneously, such as infrastructure cloudification, toolchain architecture, vendors’ operation models and agreements, testing practices and people’s ways of working. We help to implement CI/CD, Automation, Test Strategy/Test Automation, Cloud transformations, Containerization, configuration as code, infrastructure as code, tool selection and integrations.

DevOps platform team service

Continuously implement, optimize and maintain new technology and industry-best practices in the existing pipeline. We work as an independent team or part of your team.

DevSecOps tools as-a-service

Select the optimal DevOps tooling based on your needs. We provide various DevOps solutions with built-in industry tool integration, to offer a seamless DevOps experience. DevOps Space is a Secure Cloud service with almost 30 000 users providing project management and DevOps tools as SaaS and PaaS, in a flexible way and using pay per use.

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DevOps Community

Our vibrant global DevOps Community provides distributed teams to discuss and share the tools, thinking and models. This helps us build and increase the maturity and capability, thereby deploying the applications faster and in diverse ways.

Leveraging the strengths of leading technology partners

Tietoevry’s Atlassian services help you make the best of your Atlassian tools. Accelerate the realization of tangible benefits through improved time to market, quality and great collaboration. Dev teams and IT teams work together in a changeable world with the help of Atlassian applications!

We make sure you receive support and optimal tools in the most cost-effective way. We deliver a full-stack of Atlassian services: advisory, implementation, continuous support, hosting and capacity, licences and training.

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Kubernetes has become the world's most dominant workload orchestration system, thanks to  its ability to let developers and operators run and scale container-based applications. We help you fully automate the deployment and management of applications by leveraging the Kubernetes API and self-healing capabilities, which go hand-in-hand with DevOps practices.

Tietoevry’s Azure and DevOps services help you make the best of your Azure DevOps tools. Our strategic partnership with Microsoft focuses on building successful migration paths allowing successfully to move workloads to Azure. 

Azure DevOps provides developer services that support teams in their planning of work, collaboration on code development, and in the building and deployment of applications. Developers can work in the cloud using Azure DevOps Services or on-premises using Azure DevOps Server.

Azure DevOps provides integrated features that you can access through your web browser or IDE client. You can use one or more of the following services based on your business needs:

  • Azure Repos provides Git repositories or Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) for source control of your code
  • Azure Pipelines provides build and release services to support continuous integration and delivery of your apps
  • Azure Boards delivers a suite of Agile tools to support planning and tracking work, code defects and issues using Kanban and Scrum methods
  • Azure Test Plans provides several tools to test your apps, including manual/exploratory testing and continuous testing
  • Azure Artifacts allows teams to share Maven, npm and NuGet packages from public and private sources and integrate package sharing into your CI/CD pipelines

Get access and support to Microfocus’ large product portfolio for enterprise DevOps, which includes hybrid IT management, security, risk, governance and predictive analytics.

Tietoevry is one of Puppet’s largest ‘Gold Partners’ in the Nordics. Puppet helps teams move on to more valuable work by automating continuous delivery, continuous compliance, incident remediation and configuration management.

Our partnership with Puppet gives our customers continued access to the best tools and services to help them achieve successful, company-wide transformations.

SaltStack Enterprise and SaltStack SecOps are now part of VMware vRealize Automation. These tools are used for automation and orchestration It can also be used to create virtual machines, install middleware and deploy applications. Saltstack works well with Infrastructure-as-code processes.

Tietoevry has a number of skilled developers that can help customers with their implementation.

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