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PPS Training program for project managers

Do you have a challenging project?
Do you want an acknowledgement of your skills?
Do you want to become a better project manager and practice on your project?

Here is an opportunity to practice on your own project while acquiring new knowledge and skills. PPS is convinced that the combination of practice and theory provides increased ability.

The training provides support for a changed behavior and thus contributes to a positive effect in the organization. This includes establishing commitment, creating a knowledge base, developing skills and changing/achieving results. After completing the training program, you have the option to attempt PPS project manager certification.

Certification - PPS Project manager


  • Projects in general
  • Initiate project
  • Idea- and objective formulation
  • Stakeholders and Requirements
  • Planning and monitoring
  • Projekt organization and staffing
  • Risk management and change control
  • Steering group
  • Delivery and transferral
  • Business change management


After the training program you will have:

  • Experience in working according to PPS view and structure in your organization
  • An understanding of the project manager’s responsibilities in relation to the orderer and steering group
  • The ability to apply basis skills in your project and organization
  • Experience in in managing challenges in a project by using PPS
  • An understanding of what actions contribute to a successful project in your organization


Experience of working in projects and an ongoing project to work with and apply to during the training program. For you to get the best possible effect it is recommended that your manager takes an active role during the training program, acting as our coach.

Own project

A prerequisite for you to participate in the PPS training program, is that you are active as a project manager throughout the whole program. During the training you will be applying what you learn on your project, meaning it needs to be at least 6 months in lead time and involving a project organization of at least 10 people. It is an advantage if the project is in an early stage.


For you to get best possible effect of the training, you should have active support by a coach. The coach should be the person that is responsible for your competence development within project management, i.e. usually your manager. The coach should be active, interested and available throughout the training, which includes:

  • Agree on your individual objectives with the training, support you in identifying and dealing with obstacles to reach them, and to follow up on your achievements.
  • Take part of and comment on your answers to self-study assignments that has bearing on your organization.
  • Help supplying conditions for you to be able to conclude the various parts of the training


The program is divided into three stages, where digital and social learning are combined with practice. The first phase consists of self-study, reflection exercises regarding the own organization, a webinar, and communication between the participants, the teachers and the participant's coach. The second stage is a workshop focused on practicing. Participants can practice using both fictitious tasks and real-life projects, led by two experienced PPS teachers, and develop an action plan for a change in behavior. In the third stage, the participant continues to apply his / her knowledge in his / her own organization with the opportunity to get feedback. The coach guides you into your home operations and organization and provides feedback based on the needs and goals of your organization. It also includes webinars and mentoring to deepen your knowledge.

Material and tools

  • Skills and templates from PPS OnLine.
  • Participant's ongoing project.
  • Tieto PPS Co-Learning - digital education support.

Duration of the program

The program runs for three months:

The first stage: A total of approximately eight hours of work during three weeks
The second stage: A two day workshop
The third stage: A total of approximately eight hours of work during eight weeks

This programme is currently only available in Swedish. Contact us for more information

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