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Summary of our Bluetooth Low Energy Audio journey

Discover the journey of Bluetooth Low Energy Audio - from introduction to exciting use cases and benefits like lower power consumption and low latency

Ladislav Podivin / April 02, 2024

In this final part of our series on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Audio, we will summarize the topics covered so far.
- Introduction to BLE Audio
- Broadcast assistant and the way it can change your listening experience
- New interesting use cases brought to you by BLE Audio

What is BLE Audio about?

Is BLE Audio just another buzz word that everyone is talking about, and no one will remember in a year from now? Or is it the future of wireless audio? At Tietoevry, we believe it's the latter. What makes us think this way? The answer is all the benefits it provides over traditional classic Bluetooth audio. Benefits such as lower power consumption, lower latency and new features like Auracast - just to name a few.

If you are intrigued, be sure to read our post dedicated to this topic here.

What is Broadcast assistant and why you should be interested?

When talking about the exciting new features, Auracast was mentioned. Auracast offers possibility to broadcast audio from one source to multiple receivers. But how can you tell your device to select the desired broadcast? Especially when we imagine devices like ear buds that have very limited user interface. Most likely, you do not want to click your left earbud fifteen times to select a broadcast of your choice. This is exactly when so-called Broadcast assistant kicks in. This functionality turns your smartphone into a remote that allows you to select the right broadcast.

Broadcast assistant scans for available broadcast sources, provides an intuitive interface for selecting audio sources. Additionally, the Broadcast Assistant introduces a power-saving feature called PAST, which optimizes power consumption for longer battery life.

Make sure to read our detailed article about this topic here.

How about some interesting use cases?

When putting this blogpost series together, we wanted to add a little something extra to differentiate it from all the many BLE Audio related articles that popped out one the internet. That is why we decided to publish several experiments we conducted ourselves to further explore this new technology and to demonstrate its capabilities in practice.

We published description of three Auracast scenarios that demonstrate the control BLE Audio receiver has over what source it selects and the role of Broadcast assistant.

Read more of our blog post here to learn more about these scenarios.


We hope that you enjoyed our series of BLE Audio blog related posts and that you find it both entertaining and informative.

If you are interested in a live demo or a consultation, just let us know. Stay tuned for more technical content!

Ladislav Podivin
Senior SW Developer

Ladislav Podivin is a senior software engineer at Tietoevry focusing on BLE Audios and other new technologies. He has 10+ years of experience with software development in R&D environment in fields such as aerospace or electron microscopy. During his career he has worked in various roles ranging from a developer to a people manager and a product owner.

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