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Unlocking the potential of BLE Audio: introducing Auracast and the Broadcast Assistant

Explore the capabilities of BLE Audio, focusing on its game-changing capability known as Auracast and the feature called the Broadcast Assistant.

Paul Mulligan / October 31, 2023

In this blog post, we'll explore the capabilities of BLE Audio, focusing on the game-changing feature known as Auracast and the Broadcast Assistant. Discover how these innovations are reshaping our audio experiences and what they mean for you.

What is Auracast and how does It work?

Imagine being in a crowded sports bar, bustling gym or exhibition with multiple silent TV screens. How can you personally tune in to your preferred audio source without any hassle? Auracast is the answer. It allows a single audio source to broadcast sound to an unlimited number of listening devices, all without the need for a connection between the listening device and audio source.

How can you listen to audio from different sources in a public space using Auracast? Auracast opens up a world of new opportunities. Whether you want to enjoy private listening through your headphones, be alerted by important airport audio announcements, or effortlessly stream and share your music with friends, this feature has you covered.

The challenge of user experience

Most receiving devices, such as headphones or earbuds, are small and may lack user-friendly controls. Imagine trying to manipulate buttons to select a desired audio source on a device worn on your head, out of sight. This doesn’t make for the most pleasant user experience, right? That's where the Broadcast Assistant comes into play.

How can the Broadcast Assistant enhance user experience with Auracast?

The Broadcast Assistant is your trusted guide and controller in the world of Auracast. It can be implemented on devices that you're already familiar with, like your phone, tablet, or smartwatch. It forms a seamless connection with your receiving device and takes care of the heavy lifting:

The Broadcast Assistant scans for available broadcast sources, allowing you to easily select your desired audio source through its intuitive interface. It provides your receiving device with all the information it needs to acquire and play the audio broadcast. Plus, it can even scan QR codes or read NFC tags to simplify the process further.

How does the Broadcast Assistant help with the privacy of audio broadcasts?

A bit like how a WIFI password is required to access a secured WIFI network, a special code known as a Broadcast_Code is required by an Auracast receiver to decrypt encrypted audio broadcasts. This code can be transferred securely to your receiving device from the Broadcast Assistant. It ensures that only the intended audience can listen to the broadcast.

Optimizing power consumption

Power efficiency is crucial, especially for devices such as our earbuds and headphones which rely on small batteries. The Broadcast Assistant introduces a power-saving feature called PAST (Periodic Advertising Sync Transfer).

PAST enables your receiving device to directly acquire audio broadcast packets without the need for power-intensive scanning procedures. This innovation ensures longer battery life and uninterrupted audio experiences.

The future of BLE Audio

As BLE Audio continues to evolve with features such as Auracast and the Broadcast Assistant, the future of audio experiences looks promising. Whether you're at home, at work, at the gym, socializing with friends, or traveling, BLE Audio is set to deliver life-changing audio experiences.

At Tietoevry, we're at the forefront of BLE Audio development projects, and we're here to help our customers leverage this exciting technology. Our team of experts collaborates with leading chip manufacturers in the field to deliver innovative solutions that showcase the full potential of BLE Audio. Check here Connected devices, software development, and engineering services for intelligent electronics (

Are you excited about the possibilities of BLE Audio and the Broadcast Assistant? Stay tuned for more updates and insights into this transformative technology!

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Paul Mulligan
Senior Software Engineer Tietoevry Create

As a senior engineer at Tietoevry Create, I specialize in embedded software and audio solutions. With an academic background in electronic engineering and software development, I have over ten years of experience working on challenging innovative projects. Follow me and my team's daily technical work at Tietoevry Create.


Paul Mulligan

Senior Software Engineer Tietoevry Create

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