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Discussion on the role of central infrastructures in open banking governance

Join us for a discussion delving into the realm of API banking governance, featuring insights from Tietoevry Banking's payment experts

Edgars Bremze / February 09, 2024
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In this conversation series that features Tietoevry Banking payment experts, we delve into the pivotal role played by central infrastructures in innovation within the financial sector and the dynamic landscape of open banking development we see globally.

Across nations, diverse approaches have emerged, ranging from stringent regulations in the UK and the European Union to centralized infrastructures as seen in countries like India. This global evolution underscores the dynamic nature of open banking and the various pathways taken to financial innovation.


This conversation sheds light on the transformative potential of open banking and highlights the merits of centralized solutions while emphasizing the imperative for regulatory frameworks to adapt to market dynamics. While grappling with technological complexities poses a challenge, our experts view them as opportunities for growth and refinement within the financial sector.

To embark on the open banking journey, a solid foundation is paramount. This means gaining a profound understanding of market needs, crafting a coherent strategy, and building the regulatory landscape with diligence. Establishing a robust regulatory framework, conducive to interoperability, security, and innovation, becomes critical at this phase.

In parallel, central institutions play a significant role in constructing a centralized infrastructure equipped with essential features and technical support. Serving as a common platform for market participants, this infrastructure can offer development portals, sandbox environments for testing, and standardized frameworks, ensuring a seamless transition to open banking.

Moreover, collaboration among regulatory bodies and stakeholders is of importance. By fostering synergy, addressing challenges, and prioritizing consumer interests, stakeholders can pave the way for sustained innovation.

While technological complexities loom large, banks can overcome this by investing in skilled IT resources (that we understand are scarce) and nurturing a profound understanding of API products (a plethora to choose from). However, by embracing centralized solutions, adhering to regulatory mandates, and navigating technical challenges, banks would stand in a position to unlock new revenue streams, broaden their customer base, and spearhead innovation in the financial landscape. The bounty is significant.

The Role of Central Infrastructures in API Banking Development

Explore global open banking development, centralized solutions, and PSD3 impact in an engaging conversation.

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Deniss Filipovs
Director of Strategic Business Development
Vadims Lamovs
Senior Product Owner, Open Banking and Instant Payment

Vadims Lamovs currently holds the position of Senior Product Owner, Open Banking and Instant Payment at Tietoevry, and has almost 15 years of experience in the Banking and Payment area.


Edgars Bremze

Lead strategic product manager, Payments

Deniss Filipovs

Director of Strategic Business Development

Vadims Lamovs

Senior Product Owner, Open Banking and Instant Payment

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