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The Future of Work: Exploring the impact of AI on the Digital Workplace

The change has been extremely fast. Our daily conversations now include terms such as ChatGPT, Generative AI, and Open AI chat. AI is the topic on everyone's lips!

Jon Anders Midthun / November 20, 2023

We have reached a point where AI is influencing the way we design, deliver, and operate IT services. Soon, it will also change the way our colleagues and customers work in most organizations. It’s clear that AI has started to play a critical role in the way we all work – and this digital transformation is happening fast.

The role of AI in enhancing employee experience and driving innovation

We are all end users, and end-user satisfaction depends on delivering a great customer experience. It is not just about high-performance applications in the cloud; it's about understanding user needs, preferences, and behaviours.

The employee experience is dynamic, evolving with changing expectations and demands. To keep pace, AI is essential in the digital workplace solutions. By leveraging AI technologies and data, we have already enabled continuous improvement, innovation and transformation for our customers and end users.

At Tietoevry, our mission is to deliver world-class digital workplace services. We reached a significant milestone when we were able to understand and optimize the user experience across all critical applications and services by integrating big data, trends, and AI/ML technologies.

At this point, we moved from being proactive to being predictive and positioned Tietoevry as a leader in digital workplace services in the Nordic market. But our quest to improve customer experience doesn't end here. We need to understand customer needs and behaviours continuously and deeply. With AI, we can further improve and transform to meet evolving expectations.

Embracing the future of work with Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot is a new service that uses generative AI to act as your personal assistant. It can help you with tasks such as summarizing meetings, drafting emails and generating ideas.

Copilot helps you in the apps you use every day, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams, to unlock creativity, increase productivity and improve skills. It is not just a better way of doing the same things, it is a whole new way of working.

You might wonder how I can confidently make such a statement? Well, I already have Copilot by my side. It helps me to structure my day and improve my creative work like writing and editing documents and presentations. I have access to Copilot, because Tietoevry is part of the Microsoft 365 Copilot Early Access Program. Once some of my colleagues and I had first-hand experience with this new AI technology, we immediately agreed that it changed the way we work.

We are excited about the many opportunities that lie ahead as we explore different use cases for productivity and creativity. Roles that involve content creation, such as product management, sales, and marketing, have been completely transformed and will never be the same again.

However, the impact of AI initiatives such as Copilot goes beyond increasing productivity and fostering creativity. In a relatively short period of time, these initiatives will transform the way businesses operate. The Nordic countries, in particular, have shown a remarkable level of adoption and acceptance of AI solutions, which hold the promise of empowering individuals to do the work of many.

Promoting responsible AI practices to speed up business adoption

Integrating new AI technologies into businesses naturally has its challenges. The main concerns relate to ethics, security, and compliance. Questions such as "Is AI safe?" have been at the forefront of discussions. This is where Microsoft Copilot plays a critical role by adhering to responsible AI principles and practices.

Another important milestone in the field of AI is the AI Act, the world's first comprehensive AI law and a regulatory framework for the use of AI in the EU. The European Parliament approved the content of the AI Act in June. The AI Act is expected to enter into force in about two years' time.

Do you want to explore AI with Tietoevry?

I am tremendously excited now that Microsoft 365 Copilot has been released. I can't wait to get it into the hands of our customers and end users – and see the dream of AI come true.

Tietoevry is here to guide the implementation through a structured approach. We assess, plan, and deploy AI in a safe way to benefit the customer's business and to increase the enthusiasm for the digital workplace.


Jon Anders Midthun
Head of Digital Workplace Services at Tietoevry Tech Services

Helping organizations leverage technology for their digital transformation journey.


Jon Anders Midthun

Head of Digital Workplace Services at Tietoevry Tech Services

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