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Employee experience of hybrid work

In this new era of hybrid workplace of the future Tietoevry has proven to be a leader in all the four quadrants covered in the ISG Provider Lens™ Future of Work - Services and Solutions 2022 research.

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Providers of hybrid workplace

The recently published ISG Provider Lens™ 2022 – Future of Work - Services and Solutions 2022 analyzes the relevant service providers in the Nordics market.


As enteprises are recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic there is a switch towards hybrid work. Organizations are now strategically investing in technologies to improve the employee experience in the location of their workers’ choice.

Quadrant: Digital Service Desk and Workplace Support Services

Tietoevry a leader in all four quadrants

  • Tietoevry offers comprehensive consulting and advisory services from both technology and business perspectives.
  • The breadth of services, combined with a strong local presence, makes Tietoevry a well-recognized leader in this sector.

  • Tietoevry is a leader in service desk and support services in the Nordics.
  • Tietoevry leverages a powerful combination of an extensive portfolio, modern analytics and automation to empower a deep local presence with over 650,000 users in the region.

  • Tietoevry offers a strong set of device management and device lifecycle services by leveraging its solid partner ecosystem.

  • Tietoevry’s experience management services help clients achieve business-driven targets and enable data-driven decisions, resulting in improved business outcomes with a growing number of clients moving to XLA-based contracts. 

Maria-Josée Leblond

"This research report is all about making our customers successful with End User Experience. A modern Digital Workplace is important to increase productivity and to attract and retain the best employees."

- Marie-Josée Leblond,
Head of User Experience Services, Tietoevry Connect


"The ISG report emphasizes two important aspects of our Digital Workplace services; First it confirms our capabilities and high delivery quality in all four service areas. In addition, and more importantly looking forward, the report acknowledges that our modern offering is in a leading position, well equipped to support the future demands to continuously improve the End User Experience."

- Thomas Rasch Brastad,
Head of User Experience Services, Tietoevry Connect

“Being recognised by ISG as a Leader in all four categories shows that our development towards new services and ways delivering those have paid off. Our services around User Experience and XLAs are especially important since we can directly help our customers with better and more relevant services. Having a direct insight into the User Experience gives us a unique opportunity to develop service with the most important aspect in mind – the end user.”


- Peter J. Englund,
Lead Service Owner, User Experience Services at Tietoevry Connect

Download the full report

Download the full report to understand, what are the key drivers and development topics in the future or work, and who are the key players providing future workplace services.

User experience services

Supporting hybrid work requires the right mix between the digital, physical and human workplace.

Read a blog by Thomas Rasch Brastad

Digital Workplace services with a focus on analytics and user experience enabling a dynamic transformational approach. Unlock a new and efficient agile work methods that increase the collaboration.


About ISG Provider Lens™ Research

The recently published ISG Provider Lens™ 2022 – Future of Work - Services and Solutions 2022 analyzes the relevant service providers in the Nordics market, based on a multiphased research and analysis process, and positions these providers based on the ISG Research methodology.

The ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant research series is the only service provider evaluation of its kind to combine empirical, data-driven research and market analysis with the real-world experience and observations of ISG's global advisory team. Enterprises will find a wealth of detailed data and market analysis to help guide their selection of appropriate sourcing partners, while ISG advisors use the reports to validate their own market knowledge and make recommendations to ISG's enterprise clients. For more information about ISG Provider Lens research, please visit this webpage.

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