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Leveraging AI for smart supply chain finance decisions

Discover how an innovative AI-based approach is revolutionizing supply chain finance.

Kedar Shiralkar / August 28, 2023

AI-driven supplier segmentation can revolutionize supply chain finance, enabling companies to achieve greater stability. In this article, I summarize the key findings of my latest research paper published by ScienceDirect.

The financial disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of optimizing working capital for supply chain stability. Many companies have turned to supply chain finance (SCF) to effectively address these challenges. However, managing a diverse and large supplier base while assessing the financial risk of individual suppliers can be a daunting task. This study presents an innovative approach that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to segment suppliers based on their payment risk portfolios, enabling supply chain professionals to assess financial risk and strategize manageable SCF solutions for each supplier.

Supplier Segmentation for Risk Assessment

To streamline the SCF solution selection process, this study proposes an intelligent methodology based on supplier segmentation. By assessing suppliers' payment risk portfolios, supply chain practitioners can gain valuable insights into the financial health of each supplier. This approach uses a stochastic optimization model that calculates the optimal payment risk portfolios for suppliers.

Generation of the supplier segmentation matrix

Using the results of the stochastic optimization model, the proposed method generates a supplier segmentation matrix. This matrix categorizes suppliers into different risk groups based on their financial profiles. Such segmentation enables supply chain practitioners to differentiate between suppliers with different levels of financial risk.

Strategizing SCF solutions

Armed with the Supplier Segmentation Matrix, supply chain professionals can make more informed decisions about SCF solutions for individual suppliers. By understanding each supplier's financial risk, they can tailor appropriate SCF strategies to support suppliers in need and improve overall supply chain stability.

Implementation of an AI-driven explainable recommendation system

To operationalize the proposed methodology, an AI-driven explainable recommendation system can be developed. This system uses AI algorithms to analyze supplier data, identify financial risk patterns and provide transparent explanations for the recommended SCF strategies. Supply chain practitioners can use this system as a powerful tool to make intelligent strategic choices in SCF decision-making.

Benefits of AI-driven intelligent supply chain finance

Now that we've explored how AI-driven supplier segmentation can revolutionize supply chain finance, let's look at how your organization can benefit from this innovative approach. The benefits extend across industries, from retail to industrial solutions, enabling you to align and complement your existing solutions while adding real value to your operations.

Examples of industry-specific benefits:

Retail - Product Sourcing: Identify suppliers with optimal payment risk portfolios to ensure stable product supply. Improve your product sourcing strategy and minimize disruption.

Manufacturing - Sub-component purchasing: Segment suppliers based on their financial health to optimize subcomponent sourcing. Maintain consistent production and minimize bottlenecks in the supply chain.

Logistics - Freight Partners: Use AI-driven insights to select freight partners with the right financial stability. Ensure efficient transportation and distribution networks.

Healthcare - Medical Supplies: Strategize SCF solutions for medical suppliers based on their risk profiles. Ensure availability of critical medical supplies.

The AI approach complements existing solutions

The beauty of this AI-driven approach lies in its ability to align with your current supply chain finance strategies. It doesn't disrupt your existing processes, but enhances them by providing accurate risk assessment and tailored solutions. By seamlessly integrating with your operations, you can achieve better risk management and more effective financial strategies.

Our approach isn't just about adopting the latest technology. It's about transforming the way you make supply chain finance decisions. By harnessing AI, you can gain a deeper understanding of your suppliers' financial health, leading to smarter decisions that positively impact your supply chain stability and overall business performance.

Let's assess your needs - we're here to help

Are you ready to embark on a journey of optimized supply chain finance? Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions, including AI-driven supplier segmentation and explainable recommendation systems, is designed to empower your organization. Let's work together to tailor these innovations to your specific needs and goals. Contact us today to explore how we can transform your supply chain finance for the better. Your more resilient and stable supply chain is waiting.

Read the full research paper: An Intelligent Method for Supply Chain Finance Selection using Supplier Segmentation: A Payment Risk Portfolio Approach - ScienceDirect

Kedar Shiralkar
Lead Solution Consultant, Tietoevry Tech Services

Kedar Shiralkar has deep expertise in developing enterprise architectures. In his latest research paper, he presents an AI-driven approach to supplier segmentation that revolutionizes supply chain finance for greater stability. Learn how his insights can help organizations optimize working capital and navigate complex supplier bases.


Kedar Shiralkar

Lead Solution Consultant, Tietoevry Tech Services

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