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SHEtalk: Anette Brurås calls for an increase in women in management positions

As part of the SHE Conference 2022, Anette gave a SHEtalk about diversity in the tech industry.

Anette Brurås / May 03, 2022

“I am passionate about getting females into management positions and ensuring that we all have equal opportunities. Let us make this happen”, Anette says.

Anette finished her master’s degree and started her career in tech over 20 years ago.

At her first job, Anette participated in a workshop with experienced professionals and a female tech pioneer. After the workshop, Anette felt demotivated and useless. She felt like she could not contribute to the group and addressed her concern to the female pioneer. Anette was met with nothing but encouragement.

This is what she told Anette:

“Your views were the most important part of this session. You asked the questions we forgot to ask. Your way of seeing things from a different perspective is very important to us so that we can create innovative solutions for our customers”.

“She showed how she values diversity. She was a true role model to me”, Anette says.

View Anette’s SHEtalk in the video below.

Anette Brurås
Head of Delivery & Operational Excellence

Anette has substantial experience in deliveries and project management. She balances the three important factors: her customer obsession, a keen interest in quality, and always finding pragmatic solutions.

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