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The trends and happenings our experts forsee in 2022 and their advise on how to go about it

Aaaah, a new year – a fresh start! We asked some of our experts what to expect in the upcoming months and how you best can meet and prepare for the events.

Tietoevry newsdesk / January 13, 2022

Check out these predictions within security, data and artificial intelligence.

Sigrun Hansen Bock, Head of Cybersecurity Norway:


What are trends, happenings or situations you foresee or expect in 2022?

“The vulnerability of the society to cyber crime will become even more visible, and the awareness will move from the IT-department to the executive management.

Increased maturity in utilizing cloud technology must address compliance related to stronger regulation in security and privacy.

High degree of digitalization is generating an even more complex set of risk scenarios with dependencies across business units and value-chains”.

What tips would you like to share for this year?

“Quality assurance, standards and process compliance is not old-fashion competence, but critical skills for succeeding in implementing new technology, as well as being a trusted partner for customers and partners.

Transforming and securing digital business is the sum of many small pieces in a puzzle, so be sure you understand the impact of each piece, but at the same time don’t miss the big complete picture.

Utilise risk management processes at any levels to understand and manage complex platforms and environments, and as guide to prioritize when way forward seems difficult and insecure”


Christian Guttmann, Global Head of AI & Data:


What are trends, happenings or situations you foresee or expect in 2022?

“Federated Learning and privacy preserving technologies are enabling the entire public sector and everyone working with personal data to utilise data driven and AI technology.

Industry 4.0 and Digital twins are a huge trend enabling the manufacturing sector to become highly efficient.

NFT and Metaverse will become important to position any company in the space of creation and innovation”.

What tips would you like to share for this year?

“For anyone, working in or with companies that make AI and data driven their DNA – ask about their real commitment, the size of the AI budget and so on. Only companies that invest in these areas now may have a chance to survive and thrive in the future.

Customers that haven’t started with AI and data driven solutions in a serious way need to do so now. The clock is 5 past 12”.


Kim P. Remvik-Larsen, Head of Business Concepts Data & Insights:


What are trends, happenings or situations you foresee or expect in 2022?

2022 will hopefully be the year we break though our misconceptions about data and information and data and information will hopefully enter the political arena, because it is starting to be understood that data is a critical national resource in every way this is defined.

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What tips would you like to share for this year?

“My tips come in the form of questions. In 2022 I will try to keep asking myself some, and I’m positive you will not regret doing the same, well at least eventually. Trying to answer them and coming up short because there is too much yet to learn is however the point:

  • What obligations related to sharing of personal information do I feel is sensible to place on each member of society?
  • Should data be owned, if yes, to what degree and in what form?
  • And as a consequence of your answers to the above: What possibilities are then within grasp, if we allow and even expect this level of sharing, and what are the dangers?

Trying to fill these gaps will guide you to explore most aspects of live from a new perspective, many who traditionally have little to do with technology. And that is both the beauty and the revelation: Data is everything, and everything is data. What we do with it, is up to us”.

Tietoevry newsdesk
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Tietoevry newsdesk

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