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Web platform from TietoEVRY and Bergen Engines wins international design award

Data analysis and machine learning reduce earlier days of work down to milliseconds.

22 September 2020

Since 1955, the Red Dot awards have been a symbol of excellent design. Now, we have received one of them for our partnership with Bergen Engines. The design has been a fundamental part of a new tool that has transformed their customer care while saving them a lot of time and effort.

Bergen Engines is a Rolls-Royce company that develops, manufactures and services engines used in power plants and ships all over the world. This is the first stage in the IoT journey Bergen Engines is undertaking.

Their new online platform captures data from multiple sensors in the engines and translates it into one single output. This means that the customer can monitor the equipment in real-time, with access to key information and advice on a mobile dashboard developed by TietoEVRY.


INTUITIVE: The platform developed for customers of Bergen Engines uses design to help the user get insight into their maintenance needs in an intuitive way.

It’s safe to say that the project connected the dots with state-of-the-art data collection, novel data analytic platform combined with innovative web applications. The goal? To support the future of customer service and remote services.

Through advanced remote troubleshooting, service technicians in Bergen Engines can quickly identify areas of interest and proactively address potential issues before they become a concern.

- We get the same results we earlier would have spent days on getting, now within milliseconds. Through advanced data analytics and machine learning, the EHM system provides proactive failure prediction and prevention, meaning less and shorter unplanned stops. The utilization of engine components is also optimized, and deep equipment insight makes it easier to plan maintenance activities and support customers remotely, Anders Paulsen, Technical Product Manager EHM in Bergen Engines explains.

anders paulsen.jpg

Anders Paulsen from Bergen Engines says the results they would have spent days on getting earlier are now calculated within milliseconds with help from their new tool.

It is the design of the web application that has earned a Red Dot award. Anders stresses the importance of intuitive design when creating digital platforms. The user experience is always front and center.

- The better we predict future maintenance needs, the less disruptions our customers will experience. For this to really take flight, we needed a good and intuitive design that our customers are comfortable using. Through our cooperation with TietoEVRY, we have solved this in a clever way with a design that has now also been recognized by the prestigious Red Dot awards, Anders says.

rr design.png

Bergen Engines estimates that they potentially can reduce their travels, due to the remote capabilities the new platform enables. That’s why Anders considers agility to be one of their biggest gains.

- This enables us to be more agile in our customer interactions. We have even been able to replace some of our physical presence with remote support, which has been a great advantage through COVID-19. With local support on ground, the technical experts from Bergen are all set with real-time insight online and able to perform advanced data analytics, he says.

The one that connects the dots

At the TietoEVRY office in Bergen we find Arnt-Henning Moberg. He’s the team lead in the delivery of the platform and reacts proudly when he’s presented with the news of the Red Dot award.

- This is a true team effort, not only between the different parts of TietoEVRY working on the delivery but also between us and Bergen Engines, he explains.

According to Arnt-Henning they had a lot of different tools and technologies to pick and choose from in the early phases of the project. In the end, they used Microsoft Azure to run the analysis platform. Arnt-Henning sees our role as an IT service provider as being the one that connects the dots.

- We use a lot of different data sources and technologies to save money and increase quality for the customer. The way I see it, our role is to connect all these sources and tools and create something new and valuable, in this case, the platform. The design and user experience are alfa and omega, but all that happens in the back of the system is equally important, he explains.


HAPPY: Arnt-Henning from TietoEVRY in Bergen is happy that the team effort going into Bergen Engine's web platform resulted in international acknowledgement.

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