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Continuous learning secures the future of our company and our people

Kaisa works as a Design Lead and heads the Customer Experience competence areas as a Competence Lead. Kaisa is passionate about learning, which shows in both her personal and professional life.

Kaisa Kauppinen / December 17, 2021

Employees are one of the most valuable assets of any company. Harnessing the capabilities and knowledge of employees helps to secure a company’s future. Learning efforts offered by the employer should promote the well-being and motivation of its people, produce in-depth and long-term knowledge, and be widely applicable.

Learning culture as a cornerstone of development

At Tietoevry, continuous learning and development are part of our key values, along with client centricity, co-operation, and trust. Our learning culture emphasizes every employee’s learning path, curiosity and growth.

All our employees use three pillars in designing their annual development path: learning from experience, social learning, and formal learning. Our learning culture is based on a 70-20-10 rule – enabling everyone to learn in diverse ways.

Some 70% of learning happens through practical experience that can be gained from learning on the job, through role rotation, in new projects, or by experimenting with new ways of working.

Social learning covers 20% of our learning culture and is supported by knowledge-sharing in our learning communities, by mentoring and by networking.

Finally, 10% of every employee’s learning time is reserved for formal instruction through courses and educational training, covering both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Social learning breaks down silos

In the spring of 2021, Tietoevry was searching for Competence Leads interested in supporting learning and development as a part of our “Keep learning” initiative.

The initiative resulted in eight strategic competence areas receiving their new leads and I – to my great joy – got to head the customer experience competence area. I have worked within customer experience and design for more than two decades, and also have a qualification in vocational teaching. So I was very excited about such an opportunity!

The Keep Learning initiative and the competence areas focus on helping our employees in learning and developing by providing 30 learning communities for the purpose of social learning.

In the competence area of customer experience, we currently have six learning communities, each of which has a designated lead. The purpose of the communities is to support and encourage employees across the company to share their knowledge, activate members of the community to participate in events, and generate new information and insights.

As a part of the Keep Learning initiative, a Keep Learning Week is organized twice a year. During these weeks, we provide both external experts to train on topical subjects, and encourage our own employees and communities to organize learning sessions, webinars, and trainings. The most recent Keep Learning Week was held in November 2021, with more than 1,800 employees taking part in the learning sessions.

The initiative also includes Keep Learning Fridays, where every Friday Tietoevry employees are offered the opportunity to learn something new in a few different training sessions, with topics varying from week to week. At their best, shared learning moments break the invisible silos of a big company, support networking, and create new opportunities.

Never-ending curiosity for learning

My personal learning path has been nothing short of multifaceted, and that is how I am aiming it to continue in the future. I thrive in solving dilemmas, experimenting, and gaining new competences.

My curiosity for learning and developing led me to start my doctoral studies in the spring of 2021, with the ambition of providing new knowledge, insights and benefits to social and healthcare information system design.

I believe in what our CEO Kimmo Alkio once said: “Life-long learning is a cornerstone for both the individual development of the employees and the success of the company.”

Kaisa Kauppinen
Design Lead

Kaisa Kauppinen leads the user experience and usability work in Healthcare unit at TietoEVRY as a Design Lead. Kaisa is excited about good customer and user experience elements, co-designing with multidisciplinary teams, customers and end-users and the manifoldness of designing social and healthcare information systems.

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