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Time to get up and running fast on a cloud platform

Time to migrate to the cloud faster than ever before and reach the benefits in cloud platforms without disrupting your business.

Cathinka Scheie / December 07, 2021

Today, you can migrate to the cloud faster than ever before. With TietoEVRY’s methods and toolsets, you can reach the benefits faster in a cloud platform without disrupting your business.

Let’s start with a definition of cloud computing. What is it exactly? 

A short definition: cloud computing means that you have access to IT resources that are not made available or managed by people but are instead made available through automated processes.

The COVID-19 pandemic and sudden changes in patterns and consumption are proof that organizations need to be both responsive to these changes and agile enough to adapt. The last year we have seen a clear correlation between cloud adoption and cloud maturity of companies and how well they perform financially.

Reach cloud benefits faster, without disrupting your business

So, it’s time to reach cloud benefits as fast as possible and without disrupting your business. But what is the best path to the cloud for organizations? Unfortunately, there is no holy grail, as many cloud transformation options serve different business needs best.

There is a well-known standardized model for migrating the applications to the cloud that is known as the 6 R’s:​

  • Replatform

  • Refactor

  • Replace

  • Rehost

  • Retain

  • Retire

But there is a faster way to the cloud. In addition to those six «R» ‘s, there is luckily the seventh “R” Relocate that strikes a balance, reaching meaningful cloud gains at a reasonable speed without creating disruptions to business. This method tremendously speeds up cloud journeys. It decouples business transformation from technology transformation, thus allowing organizations to get cloud benefits from new technologies without forcing businesses to change simultaneously.

With the seventh “R,” we Relocate the applications and workloads from data centers to cloud as they are, without redesigning the apps. This means migration can be done with almost no business disruption.

So, what’s the story with “Relocate”?

A new generation of IT management tools expands your current environments to cloud. It allows you to perform large-scale migrations of virtual machines with close to zero downtime for your application in the best of cases. This can dramatically increase the speed of migrations to the cloud.

In cloud, public environments are a necessary enabler for low-risk and speedy cloud transformations. It specifically allow you to keep your on-prem setup on-prem, but with the cloud benefits mentioned below.

A cloud shortcut, but not short on cloud benefits

Full cloud transformations are still essential for some companies, but “Relocate” can deliver cloud benefits much faster.

Once applications and workloads are relocated to a cloud environment, organizations immediately see some of the key cloud advantages: flexibility, scalability, fast provisioning, API-driven automation, security by design, and improved business continuity, along with the obvious benefit of shortened lead-time to cloud.

Today, new technologies and strong partnerships with service providers can simplify the adoption of cloud solutions, and enable swift migrations. This makes the “Relocate” method a no-brainer for organizations seeking to reap cloud benefits straightaway.

Building a successful migration path starts with the design of an optimal environment. We help you build a migration plan that allows you to successfully move workloads to cloud. Read more here.

Book a Cloud Advisory Assessment here to get started.

Cathinka Scheie
Microsoft Business Partner Manager


Cathinka Scheie

Microsoft Business Partner Manager

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